One day could easily have been an intention that never took flight so I figured it was time for me to get started somehow.

And so I began to write My Blog early 2015.

The inspiration comes from my 'what's coming up for me' however it comes about.

I write from a place that's positive, upbeat, inspirational, 'I can-do this' vibe, to inspire myself to get on with it - whatever it is at the time. 

Change your thoughts, change your life, change your world.

While life appears to be an outside game, I see life as an inside game. Being aware of how thoughts influence our lives is the secret to keeping our energy and vitality for life on the up and up.

I write for me first, and you and people you know.

What to expect? 

My style is conversational, as if we're sitting in the coffee shop or even chatting on the phone. There may be just that one thought that stirs you to think a little differently, a catalyst for change.

I'm taking a short break from publishing weekly, however I will be back soon. You're welcome to subscribe and you will automatically receive it to your email.

In the meantime, there's library of blogs to draw inspiration from.

And if you value Conversations of Success, enjoy this library of podcasts :http://bit.ly/2mrkOUC

Wishing you the best :)