If you're looking to shift up what's going on, or not going on in your life, then you're in the right place. This is the home of possibilities for those who are open to finding a better way, welcome to Transition Point.


What a great time it is to be alive with opportunity all around and like it or not, change is a constant even if you don't remember signing up to partake. A life lived through the 'more of the same' lens becomes tedious and tiring. And when we go fast, it can bring about what I refer to as 'freak out moments' as we embark on something new.  'Where's the balance?'

How often have you found yourself wanting to make a change yet put off getting started? And you know this thing has the potential to create the ripple effect for other things in your life to change for the better too. The list can be endless and we put things off like we have forever...

  • Improving your heath and wellbeing
  • To live at your idyllic location
  • Deciding whether to take that promotion
  • Creating a better result than last year
  • Having the courage to move on from anyone or anything
  • Playing on a team that love to win
  • Being paid what you’re truly worth
  • Getting into your best physical shape ever
  • Starting a business
  • Dealing with life's curved balls
  • Public speaking
  • Quitting the J.O.B
  • Getting a grip on finances
  • Retiring in style
  • Being in relationships that matter
  • All of the above
Regardless of how fast or slow we go, we are all transitioning in life.
— me

We have plenty in common as I continually face life's challenges too and yet I've come to appreciate life is not a destination, instead a continual unfolding and it's an inside game. Outward change comes when we change from within.

Transition Point is orientated to developing people to become the master of their destiny, to be the person who decides and then takes action. What's most important is that we're passionate about developing people to lead a life by design. There is no 'on-off ' switch here because it's who we are 24/7.

We offer services, products and events to support you to become the best version of you and we call this the Bright Future concept.

And for the Big Thinker with the entrepreneurial spirit, there is an online business opportunity in this growth sector of leadership and personal development. 

Be my guest, take a look around and if it's your time to make this year your best yet, then do it...no excuses. :)



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