The Recipe has been featuring throughout my year. Your first thought might be about cooking, instead it started in February when I was doing a presentation to a talented group of creatives.

At the time I was creating a context on how to deliver a consistent service and yet still be an individual, highly creative and to delight the customer.


I'm part of the professional salon industry and the ongoing challenge is to inspire a group of up and coming stylists to develop their communication skills to surprise and delight the person paying for the service. It's a perpetual work in progress and as some progress in leaps and bounds, others take their time or hang back,then there's the new people joining the team.


Have you experienced that defining moment when the thing you've been working on with others comes the full circle and meets you to deliver the same lesson? That's me this week.
It's been sneaking up for a while. I'm the guy ready with my gloved hand out stretched to catch the ball coming from a distance with great height.

You see, I created word tracks to help the stylists have a conversation with their clients, who more often are older. What do we know about language? It's powerful, impacting on the way another person responds to us. The advanced version includes the way the message is delivered through the tone, the pitch and the body language - our posture. It's very rewarding to see the guys grow through their awkward stage to pop out the other side, like that's all they know - The Recipe!

Success Recipe: 2 cups faith, 2 cups love, I cup hard work, 1 cup persistence, 1 tbsp. vision and a dash of swagger
— Jim Rohn

Over the weekend I received a gem into my emails, a link to a podcast about the secrets of self made millionaires. I listened to it twice over to focus on the message before I started taking notes. Early up was the reference made to The Recipe and something clicked through word association.

That's right - we ask a successful person how they created what they did, they tell us and we nod, get excited and then take as much as we choose, forget the rest. We get frustrated, disheartened, and often throw in the towel, never realising that we're not following The Recipe.

The chef creating the amazing dish isn't throwing in a bit of this and that to deliver to us their signature dish. They're as exact as my guys are when they're mixing a colour to match the last one you loved.

My light bulb moment this week is this -  I too am an expert at not following The Recipe. While I'm clear on what I want, I take shortcuts, neglecting the precious gems hidden within. The sweetness in all of this is becoming aware, uncovering what was there all along. Seems like it sparkles when we're ready to see it.
It's a breakthrough to know if I was to follow The Recipe, proven by people successful before me, I too can create extraordinary results.

What's your wake up?

Getting into alignment with our goals is Be-Do-Have.
Who am I being ? What am I doing? 
From here on. I too am following The Recipe, it's the most direct path - A to B.

You're invited to spread the 'good stuff' around to your network of friends, family and workmates or via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. My passion is to have empowering conversations and have a bunch of tools to support me to do this.

If you're looking for your own set of tools then reach out to me - the timing is perfect.

Till next week, make what you're doing matter :)