What does success mean to you? It's different for every person and not always obvious to others.

It could be giving up something that on the face of it is super important to dedicate your time to a totally different part of your life, for a time. Success could range from the extreme to very subtle like climbing a mountain, or getting that promotion at work, or the swimmer coming out of retirement to have a go at being chosen to represent the team at the next Olympics and as simple as doing something special for your loved ones.

Success is deeply personal to each of us and not always understood by others.


Success comes about by investing in your thoughts, beliefs, actions, time and resources to work only toward your success. By being in action, this becomes the nourishment that feeds your life, bringing about the vitality to continue.

Begin starving out those unwanted thoughts, activities and resources and over time you will find the negative, unsupportive and unproductive patterns will become less and less, fading into the distance.

Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it.
— Marva Collins

The Conversation of Success

There are so many ways to communicate today, more than ever before.  From face to face to real time conversation using many forms of technology to share and express ourselves 24/7. Communication is what brings people together and an expression of who and what we are being.

Their are two styles of conversation

There is the conversation of success and the conversation of being stuck and we'll find one is dominate in our lives.

Which conversation are you having more often?

The conversations of being stuck tends to focus on what's wrong with us and the world around us. It can range from being overweight and out of shape, health issues, under skilled, unemployed, unorganised, unloved, talking about tough times generally.

All of these are an insight into the thoughts and beliefs a person has about themselves and their current situation. If the person is unaware of what they're saying chances are we will continue to see that person in the same predicament into the future, no change and stuck.

The flipside is the conversation of success where the person is progressing towards their goal demonstrating enthusiasm for their goals and seemingly unstoppable.

Which conversation are you having with yourself?

To gain a taste of success, take a task that remains unfinished, set the timer to ten minutes and complete it. How do you feel? 

When I did this activity initially I was surprised at what I could achieve in ten minutes, had a sense of accomplishment and relief that I had completed something I thought would take much longer.

It's surprising how much can be accomplished in ten minutes with no distractions as the timer rules !

Write a list of all of the things that are unfinished.

Now you have a taste for it, schedule ten minute tasks and complete each one. 

How would you feel? Could this become the catalyst to move you offthe plateau?

How would your situation look with these things off your back and not hanging over you?

Success really is the decision to take a series of action, and a little magic takes place.

It's easy to entertain mind identified chit chat about not knowing enough, being enough or connected enough, to be able to be successful as we know it, and this is the stopper we impose on ourselves.

I've come to realise that chit chat can be turned down and off. With whatever it is you're going after there is an audience for each one of us, so don't let this stop your progress. Find your voice, understand you can't say the wrong thing to the right person and be you, continuing to take the steps, do the actions even if it's in ten minute blocks.

Wishing you every success.

Success is doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well.
— Jim Rohn