Success is not something you pursue, it’s something you attract by the person you become.
— Jim Rohn

I started the week wondering what I would have to share this week that could be meaningful and quite frankly I drew a blank.

You see to write, I tend to have an encounter, that 'aha' moment and somehow the rest follows. Instead I got a 'whopping' nothing

I have been known to stress about this, in fact when I started this weekly journal concept, I wrote a few at one time for times like this. Like a bank of journals - the rainy day account. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as I write about that one.

Today I'm learning to trust myself that I'll come up with the goods. And so I did.

Whether you're reading this for the first time or following, I love a great quote and Jim Rohn is one person I look to.  Emanuel James "Jim" Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He lived to 79 and his rags to riches story played a large part in his work, which influenced many others in the personal development industry.

I  was fortunate enough to see Jim in Brisbane for a day quite some time ago now. This was the most amazing day and I still have my notes today. These foundations for success are timeless and touch the heart of anyone who asks what does it take.

The 10 Foundations for Success- inspired by Jim Rohn

1. Philosophy - Learn the simple shift that changes everything.
2. Attitude - Master the important shifts to live with intensity, passion and purpose.
3. Goals - Create and implement a disciplined action-plan to achieve your dreams.
4. Leadership - Build, inspire and lead your team to get results and drive success as you do.
5. Lifestyle - Craft a life of possibilities, abundance and influence.
6. Communication - Relate to others with accuracy, sincerity, brevity and style.
7. Influence - Learn how to skillfully paint solutions to keep customers happy and drive up profits.
8. Abundance - Build a life of financial independence and freedom.
9. Productivity - Zero in with ultimate focus and work smarter, not harder.
10. Action - On any ONE day you can massively change the direction of your life.

How is your foundation for success shaping up?

Out of the ten, which points are going to be your focus for the coming days and week?

Why not take 15 minutes in a quiet place and sit with this and see what comes up for you. No need to force it, just like my share with you on coming up with a topic each week to write a journal.

For things to change you must change. Don’t wish it was easier wish you were better.
— Jim Rohn

This afternoon, a bunch of ideas hatchedlike fluffy chicks which will keep me busy writing for the next few weeks.

For you, if you too are hatching ideas be sure to honour that and write them.

I heard someone say this week ideas are like 'slippery fish' ~~they get away.

If you are inspired through reading this post, I’d be so appreciative if you would share it with a friend or go wider to share to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, sharing the good stuff. xx

Till next week, get a little practice being and doing more :)