I LOVE WORDS and I believe in the power words hold with the experience to shape who I have become. There have been the words of contrast-love and encouragement to hurt & criticism to pull me down a size.

My love for words came about through getting involved in personal development in my twenties. It was at my first weekend course where my passion for the written word began to take on a major place in my home and my heart. The result is an extensive library.

There are the words we speak with others and then there's the language we reserve for ourselves.  These words have the power to shape and shift who we're becoming.

Most recently I became aware of the 4 Stages of Mindset through a conversation with my mentor. These bring incredible value to the conversation we have with ourselves and a fresh perspective while we're listening to others.

Increasing my awareness is what keeps me inspired and therein lies the ability to make a change. If you've wondered what it might take to move forward then say I AM reading this and go to it.


In this stage I have a mindset of I’m not setting goals or I’m not striving to achieve anything. In this stage, it's just surviving day by day with no direction, stagnant without a purpose. When we're in this stage we don’t know what they want. This is one I'm familiar with and yet I've been around team mates who are at this exact place.

When we're in this stage the thinking is – I would, but I can’t. We at least know what we want, but don’t believe it’s achievable. We don’t believe we can reach it so we don’t even try. “I would, but I can’t!” This is quite a resigned, hopeless state accepting more of what has come to pass.

This is probably the most frustrating stage to be in, because we believe we can do this. We're trying to do something and we have the ‘I can’ attitude, but there is a big difference between a person who is trying to achieve a goal, and a person who is doing it. ‘I can succeed at this business, I can lose this weight, but I’m just not doing it yet sound familiar?

When we're in this stage we have advanced from saying I can. We're just doing it, in action, no longer trying, just doing it. Those limiting beliefs, doubts and fears fade off into the distance as we get on with it.
When we're operating from the place of I AM, we're empowered with self-confidence and inner strength.

The words you choose to say are just as important as the decision to speak.
— me

Start with your I AM list. What is it you're wanting to achieve and what would you be doing to make this a reality. A goal is possible once we make the decision to do, to act and create. It's a perspective with a fresh point of view and everything changes.

Go to work on yourself to focus on possibilities instead of obstacles. The biggest gift when we're learning is to pass it on. Be the learner-teacher and learner-teacher for as long as it takes to pass on the message.

Next time you're asked respond with ‘I AM succeeding at this. I AM focusing on my wins, I AM a successful entrepreneur.

I AM what I chose to be.