Walking through my home I spotted a small box that caught my attention. I'm not sure how it got there and suspect it was a gift and possibly from me to me.

It's cute and makes me smile. It's called Happy Work in a box.

Inside the box is a card and it has five items listed with a short description on the purpose of each. Then underneath the card is one of each of these in real time...very cute.

  1. Lotus Flower - Be present in each moment at work.
    Showing up each day is one thing, connecting with your team is something else. In my experience this is the game changer and of course it takes two to do so. Why not take the lead and initiate and demonstrate the way.
  2. Peg - Don't get hung up on the small stuff.
    This lines up with not sweating the small stuff - sound familiar? This is keeping things in perspective, not leaping into reacting before taking the second look at any situation.
    The beauty in this is it creates the space to be open rather than closing in and down the options.
  3. Toothpick - To pick out the good in others.
    What we focus on we see. Looking for the good in others is a wonderful thing. Let's face it, we all have our shortcomings. Flipping things around consider this - how would you feel if you knew we were being ruled out based on what was wrong with you?
  4. Balloon - Fill your day with gratitude and positivity.
    There is joy in seeing balloons and it's easy to associate with good feelings and possibly a celebration. Kick start your day with being grateful for one, two or three things in your life that brings about a little joy and that warm and fuzzy feeling within.
  5. Confetti - To remind you to have fun.
    Bright and colourful, confetti is 'as is' life. This ancient ritual has grown from tossing sweets and grains like rice to celebrate a win, a special occasion or a fun event. The wonder of this ritual is the pieces stay tucked away in small places to remind us of the moment.  
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
— Mahatma Gandi

Happiness comes about through the small things we see, do and say to ourselves and with each other.

Oh and I realised while I was writing, the Happy Work in a box was a gift at an event I attended. It's a keeper.
Make it a great week for yourself and others.