There's the physical moves, the career moves, striving for something someone told me wasn’t possible, taking up a new interest, starting a business, meeting new people, improving what is, a change in a relationship or that intuitive flash that brings about a change, climbing the ladder of life is the quest.

Hi I'm Ann-Maree :)

Never one to shy away from rolling up my sleeves, I left school to take up an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, shocking a few people. At twenty two I jumped into business and by thirty I had learnt many lessons on 'how to and how not to' run a business with two start-ups under my belt.

Zigs and Zags

The next chapter was the corporate ladder climb, taking on bigger positions on home soil and abroad.  My career has taken me throughout Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, NYC and into many countries in varied positions including, education management, national sales and general management for leading brands ~ Redken 5th Avenue NYC, Matrix, ghd & Oscar Oscar salons.

Whilst I loved the opportunity to serve the brands I represented, I realized my passion has always been to serve more people in varied ways.

on purpose

With a passion for learning, I took professional and personal development into my own hands, enroling into what I believed would provide me with the knowledge and the know how, to add value to the business and the people I led. 

Weaving leadership and personal development concepts into the business of life, became just as important to me as skills development. 

Moving and Shaking

In my experience, more often people want to bust out to become the best version of themselves. It's a matter of empowering them to do so and in the workplace this contributes to improving the culture to delivering new, different and extraordinary results. Sharing principles and concepts with people through on the job training, coaching and mentoring, brings about behavioural changes with a group of inspired individuals. This is team and rewarding. :)

Make today and every day from today, count for something.


Change is inevitable but personal development is a choice.
— Bob Proctor