Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect. Mirror what you admire.
— anonymous

I've had a week of catching up on audio's on all things relating to success. For a few years now I've subscribed to this a monthly mag from the US with a CD called Success. Each time I turn the key in the car, I'm inspired by those who speak to me. These people are my inspiration for this weeks journal...take inspiration and enjoy.

ATTRACT SUCCESS - become a magnet for success

  1. Aim to attract what you need to achieve the goals
    Rather than struggle, aim to strive towards your goals by thinking about the person you would become to achieve your goals.
  2. Write an attraction strategy for your goal
    Make a list of what's worked for you in the past to attract what you want. Then flip this to now. Pinpoint any behaviours that haven't served you in the past to form your strategy. 
  3. Gain any additional skills you require to achieve the goal.
    Take action while you get practice with the new skills. And avoid the pitfall of getting caught in the trap of feeling like there is more to be learned before getting into action.

  4. Know your strengths
    Make your list of all you know you're good at and those that have supported you this far. Ask your friends what you're good at, then play to your strengths.

  5. Place the importance on focusing on your goal more important the demands of others.
    There will always be demands of others on your time, without sacrificing relationships, go for negotiating a win - win outcome.

  6. Look after yourself
    Getting the sleep, exercise and nutrition to fuel your passion will have you feeling attractive to yourself and to others.

  7. Educate those close to you about your goal
    When your partner, family and friends understand why you want what you want, they become one of your greatest sources of support and encouragement.

  8. Avoid the 'knockers'
    Choose to stay away from conversation with the people likely to pull you down.

  9. Time out
    Make time to smell the roses and to look after yourself. Even the most inspired of us need the time to renew and regenerate.

If you're loving this post, then spread the 'good stuff' around to your network of friends, family and workmates. For more on how to attract a life you desire, enquire to learn more.

Till next week, make what you're doing matter :)