I woke to see the moon across the ocean early this morning and it was spectacular! In my half awake state I had to take a second look at what was out there in the darkness to confirm what I saw.

You see I'm in the last few days of the conference on board a ship cruising the Canary Islands and it's been yet another awakening of my senses. I've been a student of personal development since I was mid twenties, devouring all I could get my hands on. I gained more knowledge, became aware of my language, yet these past few years and attending these events, I've learnt and applied more than the sum of the years before.

This is so exciting to me as I'm continually looking to raise my game, to create and contribute to the greater good.

It's never to late to get a wriggle on.  

Have you found yourself 'marking time' to become even more frustrated with even more of the same,not being able to remember placing the order for some of the stuff that's going on in the first place? In my experience it doesn't matter whether the goal was set this morning or a year ago, these cycles exist for all of us. It's vital to be able to identify this when it appears and to take the next step to snap out of it.

Think about the one goal you know will be the game changer for you when you achieve it. For me it's been achieving a goal to raise my vitality. I want to know I have the life force to rise up and be the best version of me to achieve what's important to me. And so I figured I start with sorting myself out with a plan to do just that.

The first step in achieving your goal is to take a moment to respect it, knowing what it means for you to achieve it.
— Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Who am I being?

Like is like the reverse audition. What show will you get today? The show you get is the show you tell the universe you're playing.The role I wanted was to 'never ever' have to put my attention on my weight and physical shape ever again. That's big for me and some of you might relate to this too. You see I've been faddish with eating, jumping from this to that, experiencing a yo-yo effect and getting further from what I thought I intended. So I embarked on an exercise and nutrition plan to chart the course.

What role am I playing?

While I've never allowed myself to stray too far on what I knew worked except I was letting myself off the chain too often. The best way I can explain it is I had tidying up to do. I would eat more than I needed and then exercise like a mad woman in an attempt to balance the equation. On reflection I was punishing myself for being a 'bad girl'. Recognising this lightened me up immediately and without a set of scales in sight.

I hold the picture.

How do we change you ask? It starts with becoming aware of our mind at work, deviating to create pictures that aren't supportive. Enough of this stuff taking me farther away from the outcome and consuming my focus. And so the new picture was born and continues to become clearer. It's five months now since I began and it's freeing not to have to think about this as I know I'm taking the steps towards my vision and I'm feeling great for it.

Then commit

Once you're committed be aware of past experiences popping in for a visit to distract you or people questioning why you're doing this. The other doozy is when we're manufacturing a story based on the combo of a bunch of things.

Staying the course

Once I was clear on the goal and how meaningful it is, then I was set to stay the course. The path isn't a straight line and it's easy to get lost in the maze. The first step was to be prepped. Instead of thinking about what would I eat today, my focus was on the food preparation and the healthy meal to follow.

Just take the next step

If they were weeds flourishing in our garden, they would be easy to spot and remove. Then why not apply similar approach to our thoughts? When you find yourself waking to that feeling of wanting to pull the doona over your head instead of springing to life, run through these five steps and notice what's coming up.  

  1. Take the elevator up to the top floor to take a detached view
  2. Recognise how you're feeling
  3. What is the story attached to the feeling
  4. What's the truth about that story
  5. What's the next action I can take immediately

This is a powerful process to get us moving, to move out of being stuck and into action. If it's exercise to support my vitality goal then my feet hit the floor and I'm on my way. Rolling over to press snooze to pull the doona over my head is not an option.

Change is a process not an event.
— me

How about you? 

What's one area of your life where you're challenged to rise above the fray. Apply the same process to identify the story that's running. Reclaim your power and demonstrate to others what's possible. This process is valuable whenever the 'I don't feel like it' fog creeps in, to get real. 

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Till next week :)