How time flies! About nine months ago we experienced the excitement of a new year and here we are almost at the three quarter mark. For some of us,we made a commitment or two. How the days, weeks and months flying by seeming to gather speed as we draw closer to the end. 


Flipping the calendar back to the start of the New Year, it was a time of celebration, optimism, reflection, and hopes for the year ahead. And the energy around the start of a new cycle, highly contagious. Even thinking back now, it brings up that feeling deep inside of what's possible.  

Looking back at your list while I look at mine what was it that had you all fired up?  A healthier version of you, starting a new business, more time for loved ones, getting that promotion, making way more money, being in your best physical shape yet. buying something special or planning the trip to your dream destination, the list is endless.

The New Year's ritual of making a resolution is part of what we do. It gives us a sense of hope, tapping into our personal potential. Then when the clock strikes 12 a year down the track, some reflect back to take stock of their goals and accomplishments. And for others at some point throughout the year, the ideals slipped away to some far off place.

I love this time of year as a check in point, to take stock am I on course and to take the steps to finish what I started.

This week I was speaking with a group of business owners who realised their end of year is fast approaching and asked them to reflect on their progress. What's the one thing, if they were to do it or do more of, would be the difference maker.

It's easy to become overwhelmed and let the list go. Pick three things that matter to you. Grade them in size from most important to least important to least important.

Then get started on the first one. Ideally this is the one that would bring about the most change for you if you were to conquer and get it handled.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
— Michael Althsuler

Seize The Moment

We possess the power to start over, any day when we choose. I invite you to check in on your  list from the start of the year, be it in your mind or written in your favourite book.  Here's four points to get you on course to stay the course.

  • Commit to make every decision that leads to your personal fulfilment.
  • Discover the truth about what you want and what it will take to get it.
  • Make your goals big with actions steps small.
  • Finish what you start

    The good news is that the balance of the year has a few days off ninety to get cracking! 
    Make it a great week closing off the projects that are easy to tackle then work your way through the rest. It's such a great feeling when we are in action towards our goals.

    Till next week, make it a goodie :)