Last weekend I took off for my pre sunrise walk, my favourite morning ritual. Perched beachside with coffee in hand I soaked up the rays and took in the sights.

What came next was to accept an invitation to be inspired on this sunny Sunday. You see my trainer and her husband compete and prepare people like you and me to compete in natural bodybuilding and I was overdue to take a look at what they do outside the gym

 So up the highway I went to see my first competition. Like you, there's plenty going on in my world on any given week and the challenge is to make space for things like this.


Some of you know I've been in my industry for the majority of my working life, with the opportunity to experience it from many aspects. Switch to the area of health and fitness, and I can appreciate what my trainer does.

I made the commitment many years back to stay the course on daily exercise and yet there is space for me to be and do more. Exercise and nutrition is what I'm talking to be in my best physical shape yet. Why is this important to me? Because I know through achieving this goal it will be meaningful in so many areas of my life.

At the comp, I saw many amazing physiques, both male and female in their respective categories. This is what I took away from the natural bodybuilding competition experience.

  1. The competitors are regular people like you and me
  2. These people have the same challenges and urges we do
  3. They are focused and committed to their goals

While I've achieved some of what I set out to achieve this year, there is still three months to go and it's time to cut out the shenanigans. That means sticking to the entire plan, no deviations in a 'no excuse zone'.

When I'm with my trainer, I don't protest I just do it. When I'm in private I admit it's when the rules of game get a little stretched. From a little more of this and some of that, depriving myself to balance out the scoreboard, it's a little unpredictable.

The result is I end up in making decisions that have me erring slightly off track.

Rise up. Start afresh. See the bright opportunity in each day.
— me

Here's a few words that describe what being inspired means to me...'energised, stirred, influenced, encouraged, exhilarated'...the words I relate to when I think of the effect.

So with three months to run till the end of the year I've set my goal to achieve it to fulfil my 'best year yet'. My progress has been steady which I love as it's sustainable. The final stage will be my biggest achievement yet and one I've wanted yet not the done the work for long enough to get the result.

Who and what's inspiring you?

Till next week, make what you're doing matter :)