If you travelled with me in the car, you would know I have a love for audio books. They keep me company while I'm out walking, while I'm traveling and working on projects.

A few weeks back, a valued friend shared a link to an audio on the Secrets of Self Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy. I listened to it a few times across the weekend, devouring the information he speaks so passionately and purposefully about.

And I've since taken a leaf out of my friends book and once a week I listen to this recording to be refreshed on the message, each time hearing something new or slightly different to before.

There are some wonderful distinctions throughout and this week I'm sharing a summary with you. I find sharing what I learnt helps to me to better understand the message myself so here goes.

Nourish the mind as you would the body. The mind cannot survive on junk food.
— Brain Tracy


Regardless of whether you have the desire to be a millionaire or not the money, if you're pursuing any goal in life, then these same principles apply. By following proven success methods of the successful, you're on the same track of those who have walked the path before you. To get started make a Christmas-like list of all you desire -a better home, the car of your dreams, a health and fitness goal, world travel, that promotion or a business you can call your own.


I love this point - REMEMBER you're one skill away from doubling your income. Write that figure down, set a timeline and go to work on the things you know will be the difference maker. Where do you start? Make a list of all the things you can do to double your income, then pick one and go to work on that one thing every day.

SCORE 1 - 10

As you work through the list, give yourself a score of 1 - 10 on each point. This is where you know you'll need to go to work. Remember all skills are learnable and it's not uncommon to have to do things a few times to become good at it.


  1. Dream Big Dreams of a Wonderful Future
    Project forward several years and with no limitations to be, have or do anything in life. Develop a clear picture in your mind of what your ideal scenario is and hold that picture until. That'sthe Christmas - like list I spoke about.
  2. Do What You Love to Do
    Then find a way to make a living doing it and never work a day in your life. Think back to the ages of 7 through to 14 and what was it you really loved to do. Therein lies a passion.

  3. Commit to Excellence
    Once you find what you love to do and become one of the top then percent in your field. To achieve mastery in your field be prepared for 5-7 years to pass. Remember anyone else at at the top of their field, they too started at the bottom and worked their way up.

  4. What are You Good At
    Develop your unique talents and ability. Look back into your past you'll find indicators of what you were good at and do more of these.

  5. Be in Charge Of Your Own Life
    See yourself as self employed, even if someone else is signing your pay check. Treat the business as if it's yours and considering the people around you. We're all in charge of our life, be totally responsible.

  6. Become Intensely Goal Orientated
    Decide what you want and then determine the price you're prepared to pay to have it. Develop a clear sense of direction to achieve the desired outcome and get to and do the work. Life is just in the long run, pay the price in full and in advance. Pay first to then achieve later.

  7. Ten Goals
    Pick the one goal that will make the biggest difference, set a time frame and go to work on the goal everyday.

  8. Overcome The Fear of Failure
    Failure is feedback, look for the gift in the experience and look for the lesson. More often things don't work the first time.

  9. Dedicate Yourself to Life Long Learning
    Commit to continually learning and upgrading your skills. Read a minimum of 30 minutes a day in your chosen field, take every course you possibly can, and listen to audio programs in your car. The more committed to learning the healthier our sense of pride.
  10. Develop a Workaholic Mentality
    Use the 40 + formula meaning 40 Hours = Survival. Every hour over 40 is an investment in your future. The average hours self made millionaires and top executives invest on working is an average is 59 hours a week. When you're working, do just that and work. Forget the chit chat, the family phone calls, surfing the net, do the work.
  11. Be Around the Right People
    Changing our reference group changes the way we think. Associate with winners who have a total view of the world and choose all relationships with care.
  12. Peak to Peak
    Life is a series of cycles and trends, prepare for the down cycles. Prepare to bounce not break by preparing for inevitable downturns.
  13. Become an Unshakeable Optimist
    Learn more, try more, persist more, never giving up.
  14. Develop the quality of Courage and Persistence
    The courage to begin with no guarantees for success. Leap and the net will appear, then endure to never give up.
  15. The Quality of Self Discipline
    The ability to force yourself to do what you know you need to do whether you feel like it or not.

I've gotten so much already out of this information and know I will continue to deepen my understanding and maybe you will find a gem or two for you. If you love it share it.

Until next week, make it a great week. :)