What is it about travel that brings us to our senses, bringing about the full gamut of emotions?

You see, I left home a few days ago to arrive across the other side of the world in preparation to join a ten day cruise with a difference. It's cruising and conferencing in one, with a group of people I adore being around. It's time out to expand my thinking in leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as explore the ship and the shores to discover the new!

I decided to arrive a few days early to get out to explore and discover, NO shopping ~ 'I'm not buying anything', with a little precious me time away from 'the norm' to refresh, renew recharge my vitality.


Growing up in a family that never travelled, I definitely got bit by the bug somewhere and full of gratitude it chose me. When I was in my twenties, instead of traveling the world with a backpack, I discovered Australia by road over a period of a year or more with my partner at the time.

Then newly single, I worked my way into a career where I flew many times a month, interstate then the annual international trip to an event. And for a time I lived abroad with the opportunity to travel to lands I never imagined I would get to experience. 'And they call this work' I said?

People said to me 'you'll get tired of the travel' and I didn't. Instead I began to travel for fun and fell more in love.

Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.
— Seneca


What I've realised about travel is this ~ it's every day life on steroids.  It's challenging and rewarding, tiring and invigorating, negotiating and then going with the flow to surprise and delight.

Travel is defined, presenting a 'one of opportunity' to experience life through a specific lens at this specific moment in time.

Why defined? Well the road trip around Australia for starters was a continual journey, from one destination to the next and while we decided how long we'd stay in a spot, we were continually moving. And if we were to see the same spot it's unique in that moment. 

I often hear people grizzle about work travel however I am continually surprised and delighted by the quick work trip interstate to remind me of the beauty of the seasons, the slight change in culture and the people we know and meet, along with accomplishing why I was traveling in the first place.


It's the beginning of the journey I love for starters ~ yes I love flying! With no technology to check, time to just sit back and reflect or get some seriously great work done, I am free to create. I went through a stage when I felt a little out of place traveling solo.The good news is overcame that mind chatter and today never give it a second thought.

Being in a beautiful place or experiencing that 'once in a lifetime' moment is also a great catalyst for some deep thinking.

When it's your time to travel, embrace the opportunities that present themselves to be in the moment that stands before you. And you may be surprised as what traveling alone can teach you about the world and about yourself when the opportunity comes about.


  1. The Possibilities are Endless
    There are so many places to visit, many people to meet, and many things to experience. Dream big, explore, and continuously work to achieve what appears to some to be the impossible.

  2. There is Much to Learn
    Experiencing how others live in a different culture is enlightening and makes us grateful for what we have. With an endless amount of knowledge to be unlocked through travel, visiting and learning in person is truly a life-changing experience.

  3. Travel Experiences teach us to Communicate
    Being present and savouring the moment opens our heart to see that there is much beautiful diversity in the world, yet somehow, we all share similarities, we're human.

  4. Learn to be Independent
    Traveling alone gives us time to think and explore new things. Once I would have been afraid to sit at a restaurant or try something new on my own. Traveling alone helps us to let go of these fears, to enjoy days on our own and to reflect.

  5. Food for the Soul
    Embracing new surroundings, we forget about the day-to-day worries of life. Whether it's traveling to a new restaurant someplace local, a different state or a different country, each location carries something unique. Be present and take it all in.

Ones destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.
— Henry Miller

It's not about where you go or how exotic its is, travel is a rewarding experience that brings with it much joy, with the adventure to continue for many years to come. And if you're into travel and learning at the same time, you're invited to connect with me to discover how.

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Till next week :)