Gotta Plant The Seeds to See The Daisies

The flowers come about because we decided we wanted daisies, we plant the seeds, cared for them while they grew to see the flowers.

I'm a week out from taking a holiday and I'm excited. It's the longest break I've had a for a while, I'm heading overseas, discovering places I haven't been to before, meeting people for the first time and reconnecting with people who put a smile on my face.

You see the purpose of the trip is to attend an event on a cruise ship where I'll be immersed in leadership development and entrepreneurial skills while we sail the seas and land in exotic ports.

My holiday is going to be fun, full of adventure, friendships with like minded people with oodles of learning ~ the best!

You see my passion is to further understand how to increase my value and the value I bring to the community. This isn't a new thing, instead it's been an interest of mine since I was in my mid twenties, to take time out to learn with an adventure, with one thing leading to the next, then the next and ... the journey continues.

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.
— Jim Rohn

Before I depart

Ahead of this trip, these past few weeks I've been working on writing, yes more writing than this weekly journal, preparing a piece to hand in, sounds like school ~ so no 'not like school' ~ to demonstrate my understanding of concepts I have learned over the past 18 months to become certified in a particular niche of coaching. And I'm pumped about it !!

I've completed certification before however this time it takes what I know to a higher level of understanding. I've been intrigued about how our minds work and what it takes to be at our best in a busy world, full of distractions, to achieve more.

Set the challenge

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because we all have things we want to accomplish to complete. I love to learn and to then practice what I've learned as soon I can. It's through the doing that I deepen my knowledge and understanding through experience.

When it came to documenting my learning, I felt like I was facing a big challenge. I had two options ~ to consider this a bad idea or to get on with it.

Set a deadline

It's like building a house, it's the planning stage to set the architecture~ the design layout in this instance. Then we start digging the foundations ~ what are the key chunks of information, ok lets go with titles.

Chunk it down

Ok now I had sections to deal with, likened to putting up the internal walls of the house. Section to section I figured out quickly what I could write about and where I came up short.

Fill in the gaps

Before I knew it this 'body of work' became one, recognising the 'tinkering stage' knowing  I was done. This is like when you've moved into the new house and you're moving the furniture around!!

It's a wrap

Time to say enough, surrender and send off the work for feedback. Nerve racking and freeing in this moment. Your see once we let it go, it's done. 

When I work with people I see similar things going on. There is the knowledge for the taking however there is a tendency to hold back. Why is that?

Change is nigh

Well on the face of it, having a desire to progress comes the realisation we're about to get a little uncomfortable. There are likely to be roadblocks showing up as obstacles and challenges, then considerations with those limiting thoughts and then fear and the feelings that well up inside of us...yikes!

We're human and each of us have these moments however it's recognising them when they occur and understanding the old fox is on the prowl.

I'm doing it anyway

When we decide we're doing it anyway, it's liberating and so worth it. Each time we do this we build a muscle, gain strength and have the knowing we've done this before, we can do this again. Now that's empowering.

And I did

The good news is I finished the piece, sent it off, feeling great for staying the course and delivering ahead of my deadline. What's, the breakfast of champions and I'm working up an appetite.

How about you?

Do you have a goal or a project on the go that's in the too hard basket? What if you were to take another look, gain a fresh perspective to see it completed. What would that mean for you?

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.
— Jim Rohn

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Till next week :)