Putting yourself first can get a bad rap however being self-aware is not selfish, it's being responsible.

Choosing to follow our dreams, goals and passion without causing harm to others is key to leading an incredible life. Choosing what brings joy to our lives creates the space to naturally assist others.  


I've been in the service industry since before I left school, starting out with it being simply about the pocket money, to buy the stuff my parents couldn't afford. Once I got the taste of what money could do, I wanted more. Much to my mothers horror I left school in grade 10 and started an apprenticeship.

You see I had grand ideas of being a fashion designer and my mother saw me as a bank teller ~ a major disconnect !! And therein came was the combining of a creative flair and the beginnings of my love for business.

Those teenage years in hindsight were the starting point for me to develop the ability to talk to people and ultimately deliver on a service. I went through my awkward stage when I had to learn to talk to people at least three times my age... about what I asked? Try the weather my first boss said and therein was the beginning.

Whet we fear of doing is usually what we most need to do.
— Raplh Waldo Emerson


A few decades on I am in the same industry and I did finish my apprenticeship. I've worked all aspects of the industry from employee to business owner to working for a global company and today alongside an entrepreneur. I've been fortunate to travel the world through my profession and my thinking is continually challenged by the youth surrounding me.


Regardless of what stage of life I'm at I continue to press forward to maximise what I'm doing. At twenty two I decided to start my first business and all I knew was from what I learned from the people I'd worked for previously. I worked hard, satisfied my clients and learnt that employing a team seemed to be the tricky bit and soldiered on without a backward glance.


I went on to have a second business in a different location, higher stakes with overheads and a bigger team and more tricky bits. It was at this point I embarked on learning more and began the journey of developing me. Skills to apply to my industry were still important however my personal growth was my priority. This continued as I joined corporate, climbing the ladder, not one but two rungs at I time where I could. by this stage I loved leading teams, developing a passion for navigating the tricky bits with people. Bring it on I said and the positions I held got bigger.


I didn't think it at the time however now I acknowledge myself as an entrepreneur. I took the next step, then the next step and held my focus to figure it out. When I didn't know I sought out in a book, an audio or the next seminar to assist me with whatever it was. Today I continue to do all of those things and google plenty. I've lost count of the investment in me ~ priceless I say.


What I love about my journey as it continues today is that I'm at my best when I'm holding my vision, meanwhile the route is like a wiggly line, a zig and a zag however the target is always in my sights. Do I have moments when my shoulders drop a little lower, seems like it's not worth the fight, hell yeah!

That's why I continue on my journey of continually developing myself to be the best version of me as there is no end on this one. It's challenging, rewarding, frustrating, no one hold my hand or tell me what to do and I secretly like it that way.

You see I'm self reliant, finding a way and never throwing in the towel.

I knew I was destined for greatness.
— Oprah Winfrey



When I'm engaging my passion, being open with people who too are passionate, sharing freely when the opportunity arises, giving and receiving, fills my days with enjoyment and satisfaction. Work doesn't feel like work when we connect with like minded people who too are striving to be and just do it. 

Personal satisfaction is to be treasured, it's when who we are and what we do makes someone else's day and yours too. 

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Till next week, be amazing, you owe it to yourself :)