Have you caught yourself approaching each day with the 'same - same' mindset, not so happy with life in general and not sure why?

It seems like nothing is ever different in your world, destined for a life of mediocrity.

Well the good news is this - this can change in an instant. That's right from that stuck place to the moment when something clicks and we move forward not ever thinking about what it was. That thing floated into the sky never to be seen again.

Student Teacher

The is a little saying that goes when the student is ready the teacher arrives, or something like that and that's been my experience this far. My times of being stuck more often have been brought about by fear. That's right almost frozen in the moment and how painful is this!!

I've taken an interest in personal development since I was in my twenties and it has been the magnet to keep me moving toward the brightness of the future and out of the shadows of the past. In the early days it was a crazy desire for books then seminars through to today where it's a ritual, part of my daily routine.  Like air, food and water it's my essential to have me operating at the highest level of energy and vitality.

Like any one though, throughout the journey there has been a few challenging times and decisions I've made that shape who I've become.

In life there comes the Y in the road and mine was to adopt a  'No Excuses" no BS ever stance with myself. It's proving to be a great decision and one I'm not prepared to waver on. If you've been seeking a way out of the 'same-same'  here's a few points to get you thinking and acting.

Raise Your Vibration

You might be thinking how do I do this? Find ways to improve how we're showing up to be in a better mood. Music can do this, a walk in nature, playing with the kids and the dog, doing something for another - a random act of kindness or to tune into positive content - audio's, book, webinars. The secret ? Do it regularly, make it your way of being.

Opportunities over Obstacles

Get clear on your vision by choosing the pictures you're holding in your mind - the relationships, the house, the car, the health, the travel, you decide, it's your picture. And anytime a negative one pops up, change that picture out with a better one. Create your own slide carousel of your dram life images to click through anytime you choose.

Get Inspired

There are endless sources of inspiration where we can dedicate an amount of time each day to feed our minds with the good stuff...anything but the news.
Consider how you can maximize you time to do this - walking the dog, in the car, at the gym to name a few. Investing in you for just 30 minutes a day you'll be surprised at how uplifted you feel.

Hard Easy

The concept of hard and easy is an interesting one. So often we say things are hard - compared to what? I think this quote says it all, cutting through the excuses and BS that the goal is too difficult. Oddly enough when we choose that path it does in fact become hard.

If it’s possible for me to do it, it’s easy. If it’s impossible for me to do, it’s hard.
— Jerry Clarke

This next week why not add in a few of these to your daily routine and keep a journal on what comes up for you.

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Till next week, make what you're doing matter :)