Each day I have the opportunity to speak with many people. Throughout these conversations, the one thing I have come to appreciate is listening to what it is people dream of to achieve for themselves. The power each of us has to create what we dream of, is endless. 

And yet more often, the common theme in conversations turns into why the dream isn't realistic. While we want to achieve we're short circuiting the creation before we start.

The counter intention is born when we're chopping that goal down to size before we've event started. The first place this shows up is the way we speak to ourselves - how we've learnt to communicate within and then expressed into the world.

What's most interesting is we're not conscious we're doing this. For starters becoming aware of creating this counter intention, is the first step to moving toward creating your bright future.

This week, I'm sharing with you just three opportunities to consider to get you moving in a direction toward what's most important to you.

1. Affirm Your Values

Be true to your core values instead of ego. What do you stand for and why are these values important to you? Values are important and lasting beliefs identified by an individual and then within teams, communities and in business. From this place a person and a group can determine what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable about a situation or decision. I find creating a set of values serves an individual well. Values in business rise to the fore when the pressure is on. Opening up to improvement by being true to our core values instead of our ego is the starting point..

All great changes are preceded by chaos.
— Deepak Chopra

2. Be Compassionate with Yourself

Yes, that means you and gentleness with yourself. The flipside is when we're thinking and speaking critically to ourselves, with the idea that this beat up will improve who we're being because we're being harsh. Research shows with absolute certainty that self-criticism does not improve performance. Instead it blocks our ability to learn from the situation, creating a stress response in which our fight or flight tendencies kick in become our only options.
Note to Self ...personal growth is not on the menu when I'm self-critical.

As soon as anyone starts telling you to be ‘’realistic’’, cross that person off your invitation list.
— John Elliot

3. Give New Stuff A Go

Studies show that the more social interactions we have the happier and more satisfied we feel with our day. Who do you see each day? If you're like me it could start with the daily pit stop to see the barista at your favourite coffee shop, the shop assistants, a neighbour, people in your office, or an encounter with the busker on the street. There are so many opportunities to interact with people when we're aware. Be present to see who is around you that has gone unnoticed.

Checking out art or appreciating the best living art in my mind; nature, helps to make us more observant. Take lessons to learn new stuff like learning a language, an instrument, to dance or to exercise, to cook even, all matter. - I loved my guitar lessons, learning to play golf,  how to use social media, all add to building and developing our mind.

What's Next?

Take stock of where you're at and make a list of what it is you're wanting to achieve. Take a pen and paper and start scribing your list.

If you're not clear on what you stand for then create a values list for you first. If your goal is important, run a values check. Is your goal in alignment with what's important to you?

If you're looking to create significant change in your life then contact me to arrange a time to speak.

Till next week make every day count.