Where Do You Want To Go?

I'm turning the corner on the opportunity to start afresh on a couple of goals I'm determined to initiate.


And loving this week, my second new year, a reason to check in,ensure I'm on track,do a little course correcting, and remind myself to celebrate the wins, big or small, more often.

To get myself in the groove to do this I've been doing a little more reading, plenty of doing, and journaling as I go.

My findings? It's important to get clear on what it is we want.

Then live as if we have what we want already, acting with the belief it's ours while we take the steps towards. Then to read, write, think and do, it until we have it, and in whatever order you fancy.

Then do more, do more, and do more.

Me...I'm a regular goal setter and love  taking the time to check in on my progress throughout the year. Tuned in to one of my favourite audios one morning a few weeks back, I picked up this gem to unlock one's full personal potential.

The gem? Before first light and in the peace of the morning, with a pen and spiral note book in hand, I take ten minutes to write out my goals. I write my lengthy list, all shapes and sizes, making this a daily ritual. It's been a few weeks now, this practice is keeping me focused, mindful of the action required and upbeat. throughout the day, then I go again. I Love this!

When you engage in systematic, purposeful action, using and stretching your abilities to the maximum, you cannot help but feel positive and confident about yourself
— Brian Tracy

Brain T refers to purposeful action in this fabulous quote so I dug a little deeper. Purposeful action accompanied with supportive action, simply a series of smaller steps often deemed as insignificant, do add up to staying on track.

Ask yourself...

  1. What do I really want? Unravel your desires to understand them

  2. Where do I see myself going? What's the Vision you have for your life.

  3. Where am I with respect to where I want to be? Evaluate your situation.

  4.  How do I get started? Form your personal mission then commit to it.

  5. How do I find my way? Plan your journey then take the first step.

  6. How do I stay on the way? Carry with you your bag of positive core values.

  7. How do I prosper materially? With a combo of purposeful actions and core values.

  8. How do I grow spiritually? With the spark of resonance and flow.

  9. How will I attain fulfilment? Through serving others.

  10. Is this really what I want? Assess your progress and continue to renew your journey

In a nutshell, all productive and purposeful action is led by productive and purposeful thoughts, beliefs and decisions. When we're in the flow, our thoughts and actions become one.

An exerpt from Alice in Wonderland.  As Alice was walking along, she paused at a fork in the road. Beholding the Cheshire cat on a tree at the fork, Alice asked. “which way should I go?” The cat replied, “that depends upon where you want to go.” “I do not know,” said Alice. “Then it does not matter which way you go,” the cat purred slyly.

If you're finding yourself at the fork in the road like Alice and undecided, then I invite you to check out our website to learn how you too can achieve your goals more often.