What Do Successful People Have In Common?

If we could take the journey inside the inner workings of a successful person what would we find? Is success something a few are born with, is it in their DNA or qualities we can all tap into to shape who we become.  The top achievers - successful people - what is it they  have in common?


Six seeds of success - the qualities successful people share:

1. They have a strong tendency to be setting high, lofty goals. 

And never settling for the status quo. The though of average is in the rear-view mirror, continually looking for ways to stretch themselves to be better, to do better, and to get better. They set their sights on goals that others have never even thought of with the desire to shoot so high that even if they miss, they go higher than the norm.

 2. They have an ability to focus intently on reaching those goals. We set  goals with many of us getting side tracked.  These big goals can take a while to achieve with the temptation to stray. Not all sidetracks are a waste of time however they can be a diversion from the lofty goals.Successful people stay focused, knowing where they are going, with an ability to say no to the good things in order to get to the best things.

3. They have the willingness to sacrifice to succeed. Instead of quitting when the going gets tough, high achievers remind themselves of the goals they have set - what an accomplishment it will be and the rewards waiting. Pushing through temporary setbacks, pain and challenges is a part of the journey in the short term, keeping their eyes on the big picture on the way to the top.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
— Warren Buffett

4. They have tenacity. The ability to keep on keeping on through tough times, through financial troubles, when people question them, when they are tired—even when they would rather quit they won't until they get their.

5. They have a heightened self-awareness. Successful people understand no one makes it by themselves. They recognize where they need more work to improve and seek out the resources to support them to get ahead and get into action.

6. They have a desire to help others achieve too. Knowing they can make a difference for others, they look at how they can bring people along with them.

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.
— Jim Rohn

Most of us are born with the opportunity to be as successful as we choose. If we're off track the good news is we can start over any minute we choose, to go out and work on it. We can get better, be successful to be a high achiever.