Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost...

These past few weeks I've been traveling and taken in plenty. There's the observations, the conversations, the experiences, the things that jump out, then those treasures we choose to dig for. 

When I say travel, any opportunity that comes my way to explore new surroundings or to revist those once familiar, I'm in.

A few years back I travelled with work more than I was at home and I thought I loved it then. These past few years the travel is less and yet the experiences are richer. 

Why is that? Each day I know I'm more aware than the day before. Is it an age thing? Well there's a chance we gain a greater perspective with each year, layered with consciously making a choice  to be open and aware of whats going on around us.

With travel comes the challenges, often unexpected, from tiny blimps through to major events. Fortunately for me the most major involve technology, you know when we're cut off from the world - no phone or ability to connect to google. Yes I've been blessed so far. 

The trouble with travel... 

None I can see as there are gorgeous people everywhere to work their magic on an given day. The challenge for the traveller though is to be ready to see these amazing people and circumstances when they show up.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
— Lao Tzu

I love this quote as travel is just that, not arriving, on the move to somewhere. How well do we know the feeling of any day or even moment through the week when we allow ourselves to be caught up in the fray, reacting to anything that's a little left or right of centre.

When I travel here's what I love...

BOOKS - I love these bound pieces of paper and especially have time to explore 'what's hot' on the book-stand. Leaving home with 1 book, arrive back with 3.  One day I'll sit with my legs tucked up in my big comfy chair and indulge in reading, all day and all night.

TECHNOLOGY - Over time I have become my own IT guru. With a will there's a way to get connected and I do. The universe frequently throws me the curved ball and so far have pulled through throughout the world. Career Change

TEAMS - They're everywhere and there is so much to learn through watching how a team plays. The dynamics can make or break how we respond to being received or not. I liken it to theater and just like those actors they need an audience to have a show the next night.

SERVICE - The opportunity to be delighted by others, open to experiences, appreciating the special touches, people choosing to go  over and above to wow, which is their norm yet not the norm in other environments... fascinating!

PEOPLE - Like angels they appear to create a little magic sprinkling their fairy dust. These individuals are just that - shining lights often amongst a group with the sparkle in their eyes on a mission to delight. Connecting with people, discovering more about them and why they do what they do.

FOOD - Experiencing the foods prepared by others, with love. From place to place, cultural differences, casual to formal, for fun and for business, we're surrounded by all kinds of offerings to nourish, delight and soothe the travelers soul.

TRANSPORT - I absolutely love flying from the day trip with no bags to the international traveler with a huge bag, surrendering to the pilots and crew who take me under their wing... oops!! The taxi's around the world speeding thru the streets, honking horns and then familiar guys who take me from home to my airport. Then the hire-car, different very time and figuring out where those things are - fuel cap, park brake, which side are the indicators.

Not all those who wander are lost.
— J.R.R. Tolkien

What I love about travel?