How to Be the Confident Leader

With an early start to the day and ahead of a lengthy drive to my first appointment I caught this email of inspiration in my inbox. No concidences and perfect for the day ahead...

Action for today:  

Be a leader today at work, home, or in your personal life. Jot down a few ideas on how you can step from behind your desk, computer or mobile phone and lead from the front "pull" the string rather than "push" it.


Each day I have the opportunity to connect with a group of young people aspiring to be leaders, moving from being the boss and progressing through the stages of the manager to incorporate attributes to be the leader.

What does it take? For me it's demonstrating the behaviour, attitude and action you want others to display. It can be doing one unique thing to support, empower, or inspire someone else...a work mate, a friend, or a partner.

Leadership...taking the bold step to stand for something. It could be something that crops up in the moment, a decision in business, for the greater good of people, to benefit family.

Here's a few attributes I love ...

  • Proactive -  The exceptional leader is always thinking a few steps ahead, working to master their own environment, preventing situations before they arise.
  • Flexible and Adaptable - Having confidence to handle themselves in unexpected and uncomfortable situations, adapting to the new while doing their best to adjust.
  • Great Communicator - A leader listens and work to understand the needs of desires of others. Asks many questions, consider the options to set the direction.
  • Respectful - Treating others with respect ultimately earns respect.
  • Quietly Confident - Being sure of themselves with humble intention.
  • Enthusiastic - Excitement is contagious and a motivated leader attracts followers.
  • Open Minded - Taking a neutral and balanced position in all situations.
  • Educated - Knowledge is power - being a student to continually read book, blogs to inspire. 
  • Open to Change - Being willing to change an area of themselves or surrounds that's out-dated and no longer beneficial to them or their team.
  • Values Feedback - The breakfast of champions. 
If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, learn more to become more, you are a leader.
— John Quincy Adams

How do people feel about your leadership skill set?  How can you improve?  A few tips...

BE Organized and prepared
BE Consistent for ourselves and others
BE a Delegator to engage others in the bigger picture
BE the Initiator to stimulate yourself and others

I love the journey of my leadership forever evolving, while I encourage leadership in others. It's a gift and if you have it, step up, the world needs more leaders in everything.

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