How To Create The Life You Won't Need To Holiday From

Ever found yourself at this time of year dragging yourself through to the end,the finish line, hanging by a thread. The lure is a holiday with the challenge to make a recovery to re-emerge in a few weeks, brand new, to go again?

Well I did for a time and delighted to say that's now history. 

Changing the game is a mindset
— Robert Rodriguez

At this time of year I get asked by most people just as I'm sure you do 'are you taking a break?' These days I love saying - 'no, I'm working through to get a jump start on a new year to make it my best year yet.'

Where did the stop - start concept begin? 

My earliest memory began with the first real job I had - to go to school. There I showed up all year to be rewarded with a big break at the years end. I can appreciate the teaching staff need the break as much as the kids did, to regroup to restart. Then we transition to the grown ups world of work conditioned to the end of year wind down. It's the time when some businesses choose to grind to a halt, tradies dissapear, offices run at half staff, and we go on a shopping frenzy! I find this funny even as I write.

Making A Move

I made the move to the beach a few years back, to establish a place for me to call home. Before that, home was where the work opportunity took me and just like school days, I worked the year to be granted the office shutdown. I'd pack a box of books for the annual pilgrimage to the beach, where I'd go into recovery mode. I was fried, my brain had turned to toast and if you looked closely you may have see the smoke coming from my ears. I had nothing left.

No Need to Escape

I made the decision to move to the beach, instead of escaping to the beach.  I see the view I love every day instead of two weeks a year, wake to the sound of the surf, the chorus of the birds, full surround sounds of nature. But there's more. I no longer feel like I need to escape.

I realised despite being on holidays my mindset didn't change and relied on a holiday to fix me. With the change of scene came a significant shift in me, working on my mindset. It's become a daily ritual with a fresh perspective on life wherever I am.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hey I love a holiday like anyone however today it's more likely I'd choose an adventure, travel to unique destinations, take a short break without going anywhere, or even wrap a little learning around a travel experience, and it's memorable

What's Coming Up For You?

If you reading this in the wind up to the holiday season take a moment to tune in to what's coming up for you. Is it the time out you're relying on to recharge you? Is there an opportunity to change the way you think to refresh you for life? 

If you're looking to bust out to experience your life in a better way to make this coming year your best ever, then take action. And discover how you can equip yourself with the tools to make this happen every day forward.

Make Today Your Best Day Ever.