How To Save Time? Choose A to B

With a few new projects on the go, there is a temptation for me to mix it up and do a little of everything because its exciting!! Yay love the new stuff just as I'm sure of you do too.

I've had a breakthrough...I'm all over it when I'm working on projects for others but when it comes to my own, I have caught myself starting off excited then going into a holding pattern. If I was in the air I would have run out of fuel with the rest being history. 


So what's the deal?

I've been reflecting on a project I took on for myself some time back. Full of excitement I took off like a bull at a gate. And power through I did, cranking the 'to do' list  yet coming up short. 

At that time, I was doing a long drive to work and back each day, using that time to listen to the fabulous trainings provided...brilliant use of my time I thought. Instead of my original plan to crank the list, I got stuck in a single groove, devouring new information day in and day out. 

The result over time ... filling myself up then becoming agitated because I wasn't moving forward.  Why? Because I was that I wasn't doing enough with what I was learning.

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
— Coco Chanel

From the outset the plan was laid out, follow it and go A to B.

Instead I'd skipped a few letters, ending up lost in the wilds of the alphabet. 

You know when a success formula is shared, it's because it works! And throughout my time training, coaching and mentoring others I see a similiar pattern playing out.

Go A to B..what could be more straight forward? 

I've come to appreciate when I'm learning, there's a level of UNlearning. The UNlearning is moving away from the way I've gone about things previously and being open to new possibilities to create new patterns, to pave the way forward.  

When was the last time you embarked on a new project? How did it shape up for you? If you can relate to my experience then check this out a few tips I've coem to appreciate.

How to Save Time ...Choose A to B

  1. Focus on your Intention 1st - what you're doing and why? 
  2. Follow with the Process 2nd - follow the plan set out by those who have had success.
  3. Make a Schedule - while you're  figuring out the flow, work a daily plan.
  4. Keep it Light - to never ever grind it out. 
  5. This is an Adventure - be kind to yourself, have fun and strap in for the ride.
The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure of everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.
— Steve Jobs


If you're searching for a an A to B plan in any area of your life then take action, complete the inquiry and we'll arrange a time to talk.

Celebrate the Wins