How To Unlock The Heart & Mind For Change

Have you ever pinched yourself to see if you're really living this life when an experience comes your way that changes everything? I  have a few times so far and anticipate them to keep on order is in.


When the moment comes what is it that makes it so special?  

Being aware there is something happening to move me foward rather than have me shrinking back, giving the best of me at the time, appreciating a decision - 'like the one I made to move to the beach' - OMG I'm blessed, accepting an invitation to be in the company of awesome people, the experience of solo travel, that  super special nano second with another, feeling so alive I could burst, that's what makes moments so special to me. 

So how do we get there?

To continue to be aware throughout life's sameness. What's sameness? What we do daily, for some life can be experienced as a straight line, while for others it feels like the zig-zag, maybe a circle, even a triangle. What I'm come to realise in what can seem like sameness, is so much variation when we look a little more closely yet we don't often see it for what it is. Yet we can see it with others.

Do you consider yourself to be open to change, seeking help when you need it or to be coachable? Have you ever found yourself being asked to be willing to be open? This can be tricky indeed especially if we see ourselves as shy, cautious or a teeny bit defensive. 

Change before you have to.
— Jack Welch

Three opportunities to open our heart, mind and life to change.

1. Affirm Our Values - Be true to our core values instead of our ego. When we feel threatened our defenses immediately go up and we protect ourselves, denying our faults to then find them in others. Working on teams is a great example - taking the glory when all is on track then blaming others for their laziness when it's not going so great. Drop the defensiveness and remind ourselves-what really matters? If we can’t accept what's really going on, how can we learn, change and grow. Open up to improvement by being true to our core values instead of our ego....Yay!

2. Be compassionate with ourselves - Yes, that means you and gentleness with yourself. Instead we think speaking critically to ourselves, we will improve. Research shows with absolute certainty that self-criticism does not improve performance instead blocking our ability to learn from the situation, creating a stress response in which our fight or flight tendencies become our only options. Note to Self ...personal growth is not on the menu when I'm self-critical.

3. Try new stuff - Studies show that the more social interactions we have like talking to strangers like baristas, shop assistants, neighbors, people in your office, the happier and more satisfied we feel with our day. Then check out art or appreciate nature, it all helps to make us more observant. Then take lessons to learn new stuff like the guitar- I loved my lessons, a language, a game - mine is golf- addicted, how to use social media, painting, all add to build and develop our mind.

Listen. Take the best. Leave the rest.
— Richard Branson


What's the secret to unlock the heart and mind for change? 

To always be growing and challenging ourselves to seek new opportunities. After all it’s what prevents us from getting too comfortable. 

Looking for more? Check out the journal for more on leadership, personal development, living an inspired life and more. I set myself a goal this year to journal weekly and publish it - a few scribbles - a blog of sorts - enjoy.