Exposed... A Better Version of Me

Any day we choose, we can start over.

From sunrise to sunset, the stage is lit in preparation for us to make an appearance, however we choose to show up.


It seems so normal to be ‘in the groove’ with the way we’ve always done things. What is it that gets us in the way of taking a new direction when we're aching to do so?


Is it as simple and easy as granting ourselves permission?


Imagine you're in quick sand, not brave enough to even wriggle around to make the effort get out! Rather, best not move at all, as at least we know what to expect staying still.

There was once the ‘get up and go’... Where's the ‘get up and go’ gone to?  You know, that drive to take the action we know is required to have a different outcome. If you are asking yourself that question, then you could be ripe for preparing yourself to deviate. Deviate where to? 

The herd mentality is one of being comfortable, thinking like everyone else and behaving like the masses. Why do people choose to be this way? To fit in to be accepted rather than take the bold action required to step out, rarely challenging ourselves to step up and stand apart.

Let’s be real, we love being around our friends and mates. What I'm referring to though is the not thinking for ourselves mentality, being swept up in the group thinking, without a voice or a point of view.


A sense of belonging and security comes at a price, with our individuality becoming the cost.


The individuality is to make the decision to surround yourself with like-minded people sharing the vision you have for your future self, the other version of you, currently waiting for the tap on the shoulder, thus to emerge.

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan – and guess what they have planned for you? Not much
— Jim Rohn

Some people follow the herd blindly for decades before they finally decide to take the walk down the route less travelled. Each one of us is unique with talents to offer, talents that no one else can do like we do.

Give some thought to what your unique talents are?

  • Being open to learning new things.
  • Study something in a totally new and different field.
  • Traveling to new places.
  • Embarking on a new career.
  • Or a big move like cutting your hair off.

Discovering our uniqueness and taking the bold action – supports our purpose to boost all aspects of our life.   


Imagine waking every day to a vision of a bright future for ourselves and those around us, the sounds that support this and the feeling of excitement, when you know you're excited, energised, feeling truly alive.

Ignite the fire in your heart
— Ann-Maree

Taking on new challenges, learning how to do new things ignites the fire in our heart to develop the passion to pursue whatever it is.


With your focus turned on to finding a better way forward, the rewards are rich and many. Discover more about our 'Life Success Code' concept.