Main Stage, The Role of A Lifetime



Yes that’s right you too can be the star of your performance in the role of a a lifetime.





As kids we had grand plans for ourselves dreaming up stuff around the clock and we featured as the leading person in every scene and as any character we chose.

Imagination is a beautiful thing, looking out into the future, no filtering of whether it's a great idea or not, just being in the moment. Recall the last time you had a vision of yourself being centre stage, smack bang in the spotlight and you being your biggest fan.


How long has it been since you tapped into your vision?



  • How is that vision coming along?
  • Is it working for you?
  • Is it well underway or filed away in what seems like another lifetime?

The path to the vision isn't a straight line with life conjuring up all kinds of situations and experiences to test us and our resolve.

How often have you been progressing well toward a goal and something crops up and upending the progress, never to return. Starting afresh "how on earth am I going to get myself started on a new path and stay the course?"

Before you consider "what do I want and why." Then - "who do I need to be", followed by "what do I need to do". So often we become obsessed with the have and having without considering the "be and do" stage.

Then once we're clear on these across any number of aspects of our lives, it can be as simple as one foot in front of the other when it’s all said and done.


The secret to achieving life success starts with our knowing.


That’s right, the secret to achieving your life success starts with our knowing, combined with action. To move from looking for reassurance and validation from others to having certainty to back ourselves comes with “knowing for yourself”. “Yes, this is your life, and you get to choose how you think it, do it and live it."

An idea, any idea is just that until we move on doing something about it. Parking it adds to the stress, anxiety, fear, feeding procrastination. The key to moving forward to shake things up is to interrupt the status quo…take the first step getting into action.

Anyone of us can move through your self-imposed limitations, deciding to depart from the familiar or the herd, making new decisions to take the positive actions to lead to feeling like we’re on the path of success.

Creating a complete and organised approach through learning new skills promotes a clearer understanding into how to create our own personal vision for the future. Then through taking action we then progressively bring this vision into our reality.


"There is no magic dust, the vision becomes reality through making the decision to take the steps".


Having a trusted source of success principles and strategies to gain greater depth and clarity, prepares us for the journey.  New concepts and powerful principles act as guides paving the way to a new life worthy of being welcomed with open arms. Are you ready to be the leading actor in the role of a lifetime, your future?

Quite often what comes next is the distraction. The search for confirmation we're on track; so many perspectives from self-help books, guru’s, the well-meaning family member, our partner or even the taxi driver, I’m sure you can relate, the world appears to be full of experts and good intentions!

Any wonder we find ourselves holding back, remaining stuck and doing more of the same, with no change. 

Transition Point "Life Success Code" is your compass to having what you desire, beginning with who you must become aligned with what it is you must we be doing.

In the moments of decision your destiny is shaped.
— Anthony Robbins