Sky's the Limit

Note to self... "I can be anything, I can do anything and I can have anything".


Does the concept sound a little superman inspired?  While we're on that thought, who is your super powered super hero? You know, that guy or girl with the super powers?


The thought of any of these characters scaling the side of this building would be right on the money, it's what they were born to do. For the majority of us though, the response would probably be, "don't be ridiculous, that's way too hard and not even possible for someone like me".

  • Too hard and not possible for someone like me?  
  • Have you ever considered why you're content to stay as you are and often, comfortable in the discomfort? 
  • Could be the food you eat be making you feel yuk.
  • The exercise you don't do.
  • The so call 'retail therapy' that's not supporting your financial goals
  • Or the promotion you desire without having done the preparation required.

Often this is what we admire in others and seems out of reach for ourselves. Where's the comfort in the discomfort? How often do we find ourselves wanting more, with what feels like a high level of desire and yet coming up short or so far off track it's unbelievable.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got
— Anthony Robbins

As human beings, we have the unique opportunity to start over at any time to make new decisions for ourselves, leading to an introduction to change.

  • It could be as subtle as taking a new path to the same destination
  • Or a shift in routine to do the exercise at the end of the day rather than first thing in the morning. 
  • At home or the workplace, tackle what we perceive as hard first then to move on to the things/tasks that are easy.

Hanging out in the home theatre of our mind, playing the re-run of past experiences, prevents us from heading towards the bright lights, to pursue the vision, just one step closer towards the dreams we hold for ourselves.  

More of the same will only lead to mastery when the compass confirms we're headed in the right direction.


What if all along we've been heading east expecting a sunset? 


No amount of brain washing or repeating affirmations on ''I can do anything'' will lead to the beautiful end of day glow in the sky as it sinks below the horizon until the same time tomorrow.

Through the process of wading through the fog of what we don't want, to gaining clarity of  the vision of what we do want, there is vibrancy in the picture we hold for ourselves. Time to take stock. If we're desiring anything at all, it's best to check-in to who we're being and what we're doing to have it at all. I can Be, I can Do, I can Have... simple, yet not easy.


I can be, I can do, I can have... simple, yet not easy.


Transition Point "Life Success Code" is your compass to having what you desire, beginning with who you must become aligned with what it is you must we be doing.

A vision without a task is only a dream. A task without a vision is but drudgery. But a vision with a task is a dream fulfilled.
— Life Wisdom