Think about your life for a moment and when you set your mind to achieve something or go after the thing. Got the image of at least one situation?


Ok, so you're on the path, decided you're going for it and then out of nowhere, instead of a straight line to the thing, you're now at 'T' intersection or the 'Y' in the road.

Why is that? Options appear just when you thought the decision was straight forward, right in front of you. And more often both options are equally attractive.

It's the zig and zag to the destination rather than the straight line. From where we are to the vision or dream we hold, seems straight forward and yet if you were to draw it out on paper it can look like a series of steps overlaid on what initially seemed like a straight line.

Even more interesting is when we're on the path, just like climbing a staircase, we take a break, press pause, stop or retreat. The steps to the destination are now suspended, leading to no fixed abode. Then a while later we start the journey again and now decided to be on a new path, because we're going to start afresh, do it different this time. We begin climbing a new staircase, it feels like we're starting over because quite simply, we are and never gaining momentum.

Finishing what we start is a consideration. Make a list, how many projects do you have incomplete right now? What would it take to complete these and how would you feel? Completing the steps of that part – staircases leading to nowhere.

Translate this to begin the focus on what it is you're going after. Hold the picture in your mind and then make the decision. When we believe, out of the blue and in no particular order, possibilities present themselves.

Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Then it's a matter of paying attention, remaining focused and being willing to consider what may never have crossed our minds previously. When more than one possibility is laid out, this is more like a test of how much we really want what it is we say we want.

You've got to love how synergistic life really is when we're in flow, no longer pushing and shoving our way to get what we want. Instead, with the end in mind, the intention set, settling in to witness how this comes about.

Preparing to stay the course, trusting in the process, being and staying open to how the decision comes about is a concept of Life Success Code. If you seeking a better way and ready to be wow-ed, take action today.

Begin with the end in mind.
— Stephen Covey