Decide, Commit, Succeed Starting Today


Who would have thought making a decision about anything could turn into "a thing". You know when the thing takes over and we find ourselves floundering, then even further away.

I had one of those áha moments, you know when we recall a time when we wanted something so bad, fixated on getting the thing. Ever had one of those moments in your life?

It felt like if this thing didn't happen then how could I ever move forward on anything. I worked hard to make it happen. Instead of attracting the situation to me, I repelled it. What's worse is this permeated into my life resulting with me in a holding pattern. Just like an aircraft in the sky for too long waiting for the slot to land, I was on the verge of running out of fuel.

How clever was I!

You know my wake-up moment took place quite a way down the track. I had worn myself out searching for the reasons – why is this happening. Then, in the gap of a quiet mind, I realised even though I thought I wanted, I never truly thought I was deserving or good enough. I sat with that realisation for a bit and actually laughed, a sure sign I'd got the lesson.

Quite simply, I discovered I hadn't ever really made the decision to succeed. I had chosen not to rise to my potential, instead shrinking back, too worried about what others might think.

What's your thing? Here's a few 'things' to get you going.

  • Achieving once and for all, your ideal body size, shape and image.
  • Never having to worry about money again.
  • Treating your loved ones to the dream vacation.
  • Meeting our mate, the one we would spend the rest of our life with.
  • Acting on that business opportunity.
  • Gaining that promotion, the one you've been working toward.
  • Living life in good health with an energy and vitality.
Many of us are like Clarke Kent, walking around but rarely showing our red capes.
— Manifest

If you're fed-up with not moving forward in any area of your life, I invite you to discover how to be Living an Inspired Life, reveal the way forward, setting yourself up for life success.