Move from Just Following Your Dreams To Go Chase Them.


Think about this, it’s your first day of school and you have a yummy lunch in your grasp packed by the one who loves you and you’re looking forward to devouring it.

Then some pesky kid decides they want your lunch more than you. And what's worse they've taken off with your lunch across the playground.

How would you respond? 

Pursue the kid and your lunch, throw your hands in the air and have a meltdown or gather a few friends to hunt down the kid to get the lunch back?

Take that situation and transform your lunch to the dream you’re following. Are you waiting for the dream to happen, hoping someone will bring it to you or pursuing it with a high level of energy? Or moving toward your dream with the appropriate action.

Ok lets press pause stop for the moment, close your eyes and think about the dream.

Is the dream near or far, what’s the size and shape of the dream, heavy or light, does it have a colour and who aside from you features in the dream?

Give a little thought to what you believe will be the game changer, you know the steps to take the dream from being the “pipe dream” to becoming a reality for you.

Got the picture....let's kick start the chase

  • Time - how much time will I need to pursue the dream?

  • Money - is there an investment required, how much and by when?

  • Knowledge – do I have the knowledge and who can I tap into?

  • Ability – what do I bring to the table with the skills I have?

  • TMKA (time money knowledge ability)

I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.
— Steve Spielberg

Like pursuing the kid with your lunch, are you chasing your dreams or simply following?

Start with an open mind, believe in the dream, consider how to re-prioritise time, money, knowledge and ability.

Is there a step back to move forwards? To free up TMKA, cut out anything that doesn’t serve me or add to what I’m chasing. Finally don’t expect to reach the dream in a straight line. Instead anticipate a series of intersections, cross roads, Y’s in the road, whatever you call it and enjoy the journey.

And if you’re really stuck then put it out to the universe and ask...

If I were Richard B, Steve J or Bill G, what would I do?
— me

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