Gratitude the NEW Attitude

''Gratitude took on a life of it's own this week.''


When I really think about it, for quite a few years now the concept of gratitude has featured in my life. 


To best explain it, it feels like gratitude  is alive, moving through my life with me, like a fabulously good friend. Occasionally gratitude exits with no explanation and some time later, returns unannounced, and we continue as if.

SATURDAY After a restful night. I hit the beach to experience the first light of a new day followed by the sunrise, truly spectacular. While I was on the sand I found myself running through a shortlist of all I was grateful for.

Then back home for quick freshen up and onto my local coffee shop for a leisurely peruse of the Saturday papers, a weekly ritual. Lo and behold, in the weekend magazine, the bit I savour till last , was a feature on gratitude by someone who's prepared to go public to state their passion on the subject. I devoured the article.

there are no coincidences
— me

REWIND  Early Friday morning, I opened my eyes and an email, from a favourite  success mentor with a message on gratitude. His message suggested to extend gratitude to the challenging situations in life. I loved this so much I shared it immediately.

Then  just after 6.30am same morning, I lined up for a blood test, energised on how great life is meet the nurse. She was cranky and extraordinarily so with the cause seeming to be due to the request I gave her, courtesy of my health pro, being a little different to the norm and it to top it off, it was bloody Friday.

All I could think as she approached me with the needle was, thank you Darren for the message in my inbox. I stayed calm, endured the experience, left graciously, refraining from the temptation to wish her a Happy Friday, although it did cross my mind.  Why antagonise her demeanour I thought, I'm grateful for the experience!

Over another coffee I considered the experience, took what I needed and tossed the rest.

TODAY Got to love life, this week I've been sandwiched by a healthy reminder of the power of gratitude as I recall the week.

  • What does it take for us to be grateful?
  • Can we be grateful even when we don't feel like we want to be?
  • Is life easier when we  look at each experience from a place of gratitude ?
when you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears
— Anthony Robbins

Researching the topic a little, I can confirm the first step is to develop the awareness. Then to get into the habit of writing it down. Follow with a share it with anyone who'll listen, particularly my sisters who humour my awakenings and we laugh. And finally the big C word, commit to the practice.

Today I'm continuing to do just that, with appreciation of Gratitude as the new Attitude to shift my perspective in preparation to see my world shift.

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