I'm Doing It Anyway !

Have you ever thought or felt this way in the moment... Stuff it, I'm done with worrying about what anyone thinks ''I'm doing it anyway!''

There have been a few of these markers I can clearly remember throughout my life with one of my most memorable, a few years back. What comes next is where it can get interesting.

I woke up particular day with this burning desire to do 'the thing'.

Up until that morning I simply couldn't muster up the courage to take the steps, kept putting it off. I threw caution to the wind, took action, as if my life depended on it. From the 'I've done it' state of euphoria, I dropped to the depths of despair. 'OMG, did I really do that? Have I gone too far? Will I ever be able to be seen on the street again? I'm going into hiding.'

Yes I'm speaking first hand of course, been there done that, no t-shirt though. Just for the record what I did was above board, moral, legal, ethical - got the ticks in the boxes there, except I had pushed myself way, way, way outside of my comfort zone.

Letting Go ... What is it that has us compelled to take action, with a truck load  of seriously bold action, feeing l like I'd leapt off the cliff like that icon from the 70's.... Jonathon Livingstone Seagull and then into a complete freefall.

On reflection, I didn't feel like I was flying, instead of freefalling without a parachute.  When I look back now I was soaring, not giving myself an ounce of credit. I'd taken seriously bold action, pushed boundaries and stepped way out of my comfort zone like never before, what a breakthrough.  Seriously it was a cause for celebration!

Courage is being scared to death...and saddling up anyway.
— John Wayne

Y in the Road ... It's fascinating to observe this situation in hindsight of course. I ask the question, under what circumstances do I step up ? Is there an unwritten criteria? For me and more often, it's when I reach that place when any further delay is no longer an option. It's when I now I'm not prepared to continue as is. The decision to do it anyway and is the only way and I deal with the outcome.

Wise Man ...I had an interesting conversation with a person I admire and he said this. 'Life is a series of decisions, one after the other. If we were to live our lives this way, we would make the decisions as they come up, followed by the next and so on. Instead we tend to make the decisions before the situations arise and that's where the magic isn't happening. These decisions tend to be based on past experiences stored in our mind rather than treating it as if it's for the first time.'

Oh how simple this is, I love it!!

Letting it Go ... Playing small is not an option. The way the situation develops at this point is really beyond my control. However I still hold the thought in my mind of my ideal outcome and have let it go.  Of course when others are involved one can never predict the outcome and how they'll react. One things for sure, we can only control the part we play.

You have the freedom to be yourself, here and now and nothing can stand in your way
— Seagull

For me, I continue to work towards Taking Bold Action, Listening to My heart, Pursuing My Vision because for me, I'm Doing it Anyway.

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