7 Steps Revealed to Effective Decision Making


Decision Making

'the act of choosing between two or more courses of action'



More often when we made a decision, there may have been a better choice we hadn't considered, or maybe the right information just wasn't available to us at the time. We look back in hindsight and see other possibilities that could have been.

While we may not be able to correct past mistakes, we can discover how to improve decision making ino the future.

At any moment, the decision we make can change the course of our life forever
— me

Consider the decisions you've made in your life.

From the big ones...'will I marry and have kids with this person' to everyday deciding 'what will I have for breakfast this morning to support my desire to be my ideal weight'. 

At some level we understand being knowledgeable is helpful in any decision making however why is it distractions pop up along the way? A bit like the naughty Coco Pops !

I've found decision making fascinating throughout my life. Why is it that when we're presented with a great opportunity then another option comes along and often another, adding to the complication of making a decision. Why so many options and right now?

Here we are at the Y in the road. 

The Y in the road, the moment we determine whether we go left, right or to continue as is. Similar decision making  takes place at the intersection of a busy road in a foreign city, then someone pulls behind us honking the horn to move us along.

When it comes to making the decision who is responsible for moving things along? Arriving at a place of knowing for ourselves is a wonderful moment.

Here's 7 steps to support your next decision.

  1. Observe then identify what you want.
  2. Gather the information then narrow down your options.
  3. Accept others may not agree with your direction.
  4. Eliminate any possibilities that come about.
  5. Take action and course correct.
  6. Hold on to your point of view.
  7. Stay the course.
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much
— Jim Rohn

What size decision have you been putting off? 
Is the decision within reach or lofty like scaling a mountain peak? Regardless every decision begins with deciding. Until that point there isn't a requirement to be doing anything

Then the decision is backed up by action, first step, then another and onwards we go. When we choose to make the decision, this moment provides us with the space to learn, to understand, build confidence with every step, how exciting!

The decision is yours and the path to these three powerful words... I DID IT!!

You're welcome to leave a comment or share your experience. For more on decision making and moving forward in life check out another post ...Decide, Commit, Succeed Starting Today.