Stacking The Odds To Be A Winner

Ever wondered how it is that some people seem to be winning in life more often than others. Leading a charmed life, just got lucky or is it that guy-girl is doing a little more?


I pondered the thought this week after attending an annual industry awards event. It's an event I look forward to and love the excitement of being amongst the best the industry has in one room for one night. 

Celebrating with finalists is special, acknowledging the work they've done to get to this point.The lead up to the event is a lengthy period for those who enter, doing the work for starters then gathering the evidence across many aspects of their performances throughout a set period. Then there's the preparation, putting it all together to submit for judging. After handing over the submission, there's nothing that can be done to influence further.

In my experience, to get to this point of being acknowledged by peers is largely due to a few attitudes.

  • Passionate for their craft.
  • A desire to continually learn and develop themselves.
  • Thriving on the challenge of time pressure.
  • A willingness to share what they know.
  • Doing a little more and a little more every day.
  • Resolve to stay the course.
  • No comparing, doing it for themselves.
  • Associating with like minded people
  • Repeating all of the above.

My experience on what it took for the finalists to collect an award is the person is already successful because they're doing the work required and it's evident.

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
— Jim Rohn

Fancy yourself feeling like you're winning more often, then stack the odds in your favour.

  1. First up, Commit to yourself.
  2. Make the Decision to be more.
  3. Tap into the Desire that won’t be extinguished.
  4. Then Resolve to do or die.

 The awards night was a story to illustrate to you, that there is no fanfare required, just you, going for whatever it is and that peace of mind you've applied yourself.It could be something simple you're going after initially to create your first win. Build on your successes, one at a time, realising your personal potential.

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.
— Vince Lombardi

For you, you're doing it because you have a love, whatever it is. You're passionate, fuelling your drive, learning as you go, then continuing to go at it again and again.

Throughout there will be those moments when doubt it creeps in, having a go at you, undoing the good done so far. Spot it, stop the gremlin in it's tracks, put out the ''Keep Out'' sign for any and all unwelcome visitors.

If you're finding yourself not quite hitting your stride to conquer your definition of a win, then consider finding yourself a life long friend. Check out how you too can transition yourself to be more of who you are, stacking the odds in your favour.

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