Movies For Big Kids

When was the last time you took yourself to a Saturday mid arvo kids movie? Without my favourite kid by my side, I went solo.

After seeing the interview with the talented person responsible for this creation, I was determined to make the time to see this movie on the big screen. With a pang of FOMO I simply couldn't wait for this movie to go mainstream.

A really little guy took up the seat in front of me with his grown-up in tow. He took in every aspect of the cinema, from peeking at me between the seats to the action on the screen, expanding his world.

The movie was about change and how we cope and don't cope with it through the eyes of a young girl.

We can all relate to coping with change and the challenges that prevail. In this instance the change was fuelled by moving cities, the upheaval of leaving the familiar, the friends, the pressure of going without our treasured stuff even if it's just for a few days and the range of emotions that come with.

Then landing into that new environment, searching for an entry point into the new community, bumping into closed doors reserved with what seems like waiting for the pin code to enter. Regardless of our age, being accepted or accepting can be a teeny bit to a lot challenging. 

I can relate!

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
— Stephen Hawking

The story line reminded us about the power of two types of memories, those that serve us throughout life of the positive and affirming times and the random memories, those we'd rather forget ever took place and appear like they're forever there to pull us back to someplace we'd rather not relive.

Layer the memories with these five emotions at the control centre, Happiness, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness it seems we're continually switching between them from one moment to the next. And unbeknown to us, the people we're with, from parents to an acquaintance, they too are going through a similar experience. Take notice next time you're in a situation, its kind of fun to spot.

Animated kids movie makes the understanding so straight it!

Essentially it's easy to relate with this concept of having a team up top in our head, monitoring our state with happiness relegated to head up our command. The other emotions always want a look in however they're quickly curbed by the desire of happiness.

Then there's the personalities we develop; Family, Honesty, That thing that's a Strong Interest in our lives, Friendship and Goofball -the fun stuff !

This movie is yet another reminder if we're to spend too much time in our mind dissecting what was, we regress back from the vision of a bright future to the mirky mind of memories that may not serve us.

All aboard, the train of thought is departing the station
— Inside Out

The train of thought departs the station during our waking hours. It's even more important then to be feeding ourselves images of great memories not the others. It takes a level of control and is in essence a choice.

This beckons the question, what choices are we making?

Which emotions are running through our mind and body? What's the effect, on track or off track? Rather than entertain any emotion instead embrace the power to choose.

If you're fed up with figuring out a better way of operating you, visit me at transition point to take action

This big kid looks forward to speaking with you, the other big kid, soon after.

Looking back at that little guy in front, he already knew this stuff, he was being himself...happy in the moment.