What's Yoga Got to Do With It?

Great question! It never occurred to me I was about to embark on a journey of sorts when I started yoga. I’d been a stop starter on the mat with interstate moves and the search for a new yoga home slipped off my 'to-do' list.


With my last move to set up my idyllic life by the beach, I got super serious and decided to quit the gym. I've just had a yoga birthday, renewing my annual membership and my commitment to the practice.

When I decided to commit to an annual membership first time round, my confession would be that it was a little price driven. And my little voice was screaming, prodding and poking me about why I couldn’t just do normal yoga without upping the ante in forty degrees. My body replied  "just succumb" and there it began.

Well one year on I have received the bonus and that's my little voice is shutting up and allowing me to experience what I call those ‘AHA’ moments on the mat. You know those little thought bubble breakthroughs on a particular something. It's been quite insightful how our mind releases the answers when it's off the hook and we allow the body to do the work.

My FIVE AHA's on and off the mat

  1. Just Show Up...remove the resistance, that 'monkey mind' on just about anything.
  2. Let Go...of controlling stuff and allow the power kick in.
  3. Tune in the body...and get out of our head.
  4. Progress Over Perfection...celebrate our wins every day, even if it's teeny-tiny.
  5. Balance...appreciate the contrasts, strength and flexibility, hot and cold, light and shade, up and down.

I have learned to love this yoga community, where a bunch of individuals show up to practice for themselves and together. Some brand new, others long time practicing and everything in between.

We all bring an energy to the space and receive each others.

It’s the space where we follow the lead of the instructor. Where we’re encouraged to go deeper and yet not go so far as to prevent us from coming back tomorrow. It's where we get a shout out to acknowledge form or to correct the pose for a better experience. And where we smile about some of the funny stuff that happens.

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes and when you look back everything is different.
— C.S.Lewis

My practice is about being focused, determined and yet light as I fall in and out. It got me thinking about my life, business, relationships, finances, opportunities, everything!

If every aspect of life was a class, would I be better for it? Do I really need someone to keep me on track or spot for me when I’m deviating?

I find it an interesting concept to be led class after class in a practice that’s endless in exploring the possibilities our bodies can conceive. I'm not bored, I do sometimes drift, I'm more aware of my body-mind connection and I love the challenge.

I know there’s more to uncover to discover.

I’m never certain when a little ‘AHA’ moment might take root. I know anticipate another and  when it comes, it’s funny because it’s so often so darn obvious.

My life is a class and sometimes I’m leading and then I'm following and I love it.

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.
— unknown