6 Daily Checks To Stay On Track To Achieve Anything

A pre check...if you're reading this then you're human. And most humans find themselves veering off track, caught up in a situation, reacting to someone, low on energy and not feeling good about life every now and then.


I love to learn more about how our mind works and recently had the opportunity to take part in a 17 day challenge to do just that. Ok you ask "what was the challenge?"

To demonstrate how we can transform our approach to the way we operate in just 17 days.

Would it occur to you that you could transform your life in that time? What comes up for you even thinking about that concept? You know the little voice coming up with stuff like "could this be true"... "would it be worth my time"... "it's not worth it, this stuff doesn't work".

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
— John Lennon

I can confirm the 17 day challenge does work and with all of the work taking place within the six inches between our ears. The powerful machine of the mind is in the drivers seat to all we are being, doing and having. I'm sharing with you the checklist I've adopted and so far so good.

The Checklist

REASON - The freedom to choose and control what we think. True thinking is a choice over running on automatic thinking referring to past experiences. We become what we think about.

MEMORY - Trusting we will remember is a great start, like waking up, the shopping list, things to do. Keep it simple, exercise the mind by using it to build strength.

PERCEPTION - Developing the awareness through our senses. We've all seen those images where there are multiple images within the one picture. You know the ones, with some of us seeing the two faces, others see the candle stick holder, or maybe there's a third image? Point it out and it's obvious, before that it's just perception.

WILL - Gives us the ability to focus on one thing to the exception of anything else, deliberately choosing what we want and deciding on a course of action. Choose will over will power where we're continually fighting off what we don't want leading to giving up.

IMAGINATION - The ability to create a new thought pattern in our mind over our current thought pattern, to bring about the possibility of change.

INTUITION - The difference between thinking and knowing, between trying and doing, I can and I can't, thinking over I can't fail at this. It comes in an instant and passes like a wave in our bodies, tune in and trust it.

Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right.
— Henry Ford

So you ask ''is that it"? Is it really that straightforward to shift between productive and non productive thinking to bring about positive change? Tune in next week for more interesting snippets from my challenge.