How To Live A Life With Purpose

Ever witnessed someone living their life’s purpose, exuding happiness and inspiring to be around. We all have a purpose in life with a unique talent waiting to be expressed and shared.

Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.
— Paulo Coelho

If you haven’t found your purpose yet, you will, after all, it’s your birthright. To pave the way forward here's a few ideas to feed your soul.

  • Pay Attention with an Open Mind to become an active participant in life.  Begin with noticing the things that make you happy leaving less time for the rest. And recall the happy times while creating a vision for more of this for the future.

  • Start with a Question like 'who am I becoming' instead of 'what is my purpose' followed by 'what does this look like?' Changing our perspective invites in an abundance of creativity and fulfilling experiences. Pay attention to what comes up and journal it.
  • Make Time For Stillness to restore our energy and balance. Whats your idea of stillness? Talking a walk on the beach, exercising, writing in a journal or a meditation, allows us to tap into silence for a few minutes every day to gain a greater understanding of ourselves.
  • Give To Get through sharing your uniqueness with others. Too often we want to get before we give. The concept of be-do-have relates so well to this. To get or have first is contrary to who am I being and what am I doing to get what I want. 
  • Have Gratitude and Open Heart to expand the spirit to attract the life we want. A feeling of love indicates we're connected to the infinite full of abundance and possibility. Be generous, gracious and grand with the expression of gratitude - the key to an open heart
Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.
— Paulo Coelho

And finally Take Action, very simple and yet the hardest. Beginning to know our true self comes from direct experience, getting out of our head to live life on purpose. Take that leap of faith. It doesn’t have to be drastic action, even a slight change in a direction is enough to impact big changes over time.

There's no time like the present to let go of the ingrained thought patterns no longer serving us to make way for new possibilities. Take the breaks off - allow yourself to become conscious of what makes your heart sing and to go do 'that thing'.

Every day I look to see the vision of the person I am becoming — confident, loving, healthy with vitality, full of life. I am a leader, a coach and a life long learner surrounded by a great network of like minded people, family and friends, and living my dream.

If this is what’s possible, I’m in. How about you?