Who Are We Being Today

Consider this...just for today, the most important role we'll take on is directing our attention to create our reality. When we think about this it sounds  reasonable yet we can easily find ourselves down the rabbit hole of our thoughts, taking us farther away from what we had in mind for ourselves.

Hey who's running the show?


It's fair to say the one thing we have in common aside from survival, is the conscious desire to gain control over our lives.  It's that moment  when we feel light, on purpose and in flow. To access this state freely it starts with understanding this most powerful concept, which is to gain control over who I am being today.

Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power
— Deepak Chopra

This concept is one of understanding the 'Counter Intention'.  

What is Counter Intention? It's a belief or thought we hold in direct opposition to our stated intention.

Where does it live? Buried deep within our unconscious mind which is why we're not aware of it. However we do get hints that it's lurking when we tune into those 'little voices' in our head transmitting the discouraging message.

It can sound something like this...

"I want the flat stomach, but I want to eat the chocolate cake" OR " I can't start my own business because it's too much work and I'll probably run out of money ..." Got the idea? Can you relate? If you find yourself never getting to where you desire to be, chances are there is a counter intention running in the background.

Then we believe we're powerless and despite the desire to have something, stop. Then sometime down the track we give ourselves a good talking to, then attempt to go again. All of this activity is largely mechanical in our mind, without pinpointing the counter intention we have running, wreaking havoc.

That's why Will Power is over rated! 

Instead consider these two freedoms that nobody can take from us, readily available to tap into to be our best allies - awareness and free will.

  • Awareness is the knowledge or perception about a situation
  • Free Will is the ability to act at our discretion, with choice to make decisions

Through raising our awareness, choosing to becoming conscious is using our awareness just like a flashlight to inspect our mind - to acknowledge what's there and recognize these counter intentions. We have incredible power and our mind is behind all we do. 

Who are we being today? Whoever we choose to be. 

Take a sheet of paper today, make a list of the things in your life that despite having the best intentions, haven't come to be. Then listen for the counter intention that 'little voice' running in the background. Recognize to release these then change the beliefs to get to what you intended for yourself.

Who are you being today? Anything you choose with taking the appropriate action.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself
— me