Pursuing All You Want

I write this week, just in from a fast and amazing interstate weekend away with the opportunity to met up with industry friends. It's super exciting for me to come together at an annual event, reconnecting with people I have come to know through business over many years. 

Don’t go with an easy crowd, you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.
— Jim Rohn

It was a little more special for me this time as I had the opportunity to present a session to a group who too are hungry to connect and learn. At the same time, I am inspired to become a better version of me while I'm out front, presenting and exposed to the world. 

There are a few key principles that have served me in business and life and each time I speak I gain more clarity myself. I so love working with teams, witnessing the transformation of people as they grow and evolve.

This has got me thinking about how we view ourselves and the assessment we make on our progress. When we turn the spotlight on ourselves, how accurate is our perception of the shift and change in ourselves? 

The position we take up is an interesting perspective. Taking this literally, what are you looking at? Move and what do you see – a different perspective?

If you're caught up in a specific view of yourself, then I dare you to move to see something different. One things for sure, we're not one dimensional. Life is so much fun when we're open to the experience of taking a different view of what we think 'is'.

Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.
— Jim Rohn

Here's a few of the distinctions I value...

    Believe in what I'm going for and if I'm coming up short I borrow someone else for as long as it takes.
    Actions driven by the way I choose to behave, acknowledging the wins and wake-ups always, big or small.
    Being accountable to the numbers, owning them no matter what.
    Always adjusting, fine tuning to be on track, on purpose.
    Keep going until I master it. 
This day, this week is full of opportunities – keeping it simple, one opportunity a day, that’s 365 opportunities a year.
— Living an Inspired Life

On this trip I chose to be part of the group who visited an extraordinary museum, described by it's creator as an adult Disneyland – a must see and a mind expanding experience. How cool it was, Museum of Old New Art MONA, loved it!

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The journal is one opportunity, the rest – skies the limit!!!