8 Ways To Escape Out Of The Rut Forever



As we head into the days before Christmas, I bring a gift for you so prepare yourself to receive. None of us need to be reminded of how busy we are preparing for the holidays, the festivities, and to be with loved ones. And then on the flip side there's the new year where we declare the changes we want to make.


Time to Tap-In
As you relax, it's a great time to open yourself up to listening to no one other than you. Yes that's right, you - tapping into your intuitiveness.
Maybe you're at a cross roads, shall I turn left or right? Or just slowing down to look left and right - then to continue in the direction you've set for yourself. 
Either way it's always a perfect time to get a little clarity on where you're at before you reset your sails.

New Year
I have two favorite times of the year to review where I'm going and what I'm doing - January 1 and July 1 – I consider both to be the beginning of a new year. And the days between, I attempt to stay focused and adjust my sails to course correct.

Are you on your path and course correcting or yet to find path?
If you're yet to find the path then here's an opportunity to 'check in' that you're not in a rut.


a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or compromising
— Google

I'll give you an example of a rut I know too well.
I noticed after leading sales teams over a few years that some adopted a rut mentality leading into the eight weeks up to Christmas. They thought that it was too busy to be calling on business owners, prospecting for new business.
Then, in the new year when business owners made their resolutions in the form of a business decision to make a change of supplier, the sales guys who didn't do the work over the eight weeks of Christmas naturally experienced a lag in results, on the back foot from the start.
Meanwhile the clever guys continued to make the calls during busy times creating their own opportunity to be considered, landing at the top of the list of their prospects, thus reaping rewards.

Beware the Rut
My theory is that the year is perpetual, continuing regardless of where we're starting from. There's the occasional speed bump like a national public holiday, a life event that sets us up with a change of pace for a time, serving us like the speed bump.


Calm down, don’t slow down.
— Shane K


How does the rut start?
When too much time passes, the lag is created and we become sluggish towards what we desire. Yes I've been there, done it too and speaking from my experience.

Have you identified your rut and how will you escape?
Rather than setting goals this year, what if you were to focus on an improved outlook on core behaviour? Is that a 'Yes, let's do it' I just heard you say?

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  1. Be Accurate
    Our mind is constantly trying to make sense of the world. When something happens to us we want to explain it.

    How permanent it is?
    How much of our life does this affect?
    Who is responsible for it?

    If you find yourself getting a little anxious or down in the dumps consider this. Are you thinking of a bad event/experience like 'this always happens to me' or 'my life is ruined' or 'it's their fault' – thus bringing about a sense of hopelessness?

    To improve happiness, express to the world in an accurate, realistic and optimistic way.
    I pose the question – 'Who really wants to listen to the woe is me stories? - who's got the time?'
  2. Practicing Daily Gratitude
    Studies have shown that when we regularly reflect on what we are grateful for we see huge increases in happiness and optimism. Make it part of your routine to practice gratitude, you could even get really crazy and keep a gratitude journal.
    I so love this daily practice.
  3. Move it
    When we exercise our brain chemistry shifts so that we feel happier. Regular exercise has been shown to help us regulate our emotions, cement learning and to be more strategic. If you want to get out of any rut, regular exercise is an essential part of your plan.
    And I love my hot yoga.
  4. Be Kind to Ourselves
    Be careful how we talk to ourselves, paying attention to the language we use. Guilt is explained as I did something bad while shame is I am bad. Guilt is about the behaviour, shame is who we are, shriveling up inside – Yuk!
    Be kind to yourself.
  5. Optimistic Mindset
    When we reflect on what has gone well for us we get a burst of happiness, become more optimistic and exhibit greater levels of resilience.

    Start by asking yourself:
    What went well today?
    What did I enjoy?
    What am I looking forward to tomorrow?

    Create healthier thinking patterns for better self esteem and to bounce back from set backs with ease.
    I love this too...
  6. Get Over Ourselves
    When we do things for others we get a much bigger happiness bump than doing something for ourselves. When we help others improve and develop their skills in the workplace, our happiness is far greater than if we just focus on getting ahead.
    I was born to do this!
  7. Forget the Possessions
    Hey, we all love buying something special for ourselves however the effect can be short lived. What can give us a bigger and longer lasting impact on happiness is when we spend money on great experiences, the holiday, a concert, a daring adventure with others.
    Consider spending on experiences rather than possessions to bring about a deeper level of happiness. The No Christmas presents ruling fires me up to go shopping.
  8. It's the Little Things
    Positive events like a career promotion, a new relationship, an unexpected windfall all provide a boost of happiness but not always the long-term happiness we seek. The frequency over intensity of positive experiences can be a better indicator of happiness.
    A person experiencing a number of good things in one day is likely to be happier than another who has just one great thing happen. It's the little things in life that matter.
    Little things don't mean a lot they mean everything.
The journey is the reward.
— Steve Jobs

Enjoy your Christmas experience however you celebrate it and that Santa finds you.