Just Arrived,New Year New You,Best Year Ever.

As the sun set on the first day of a new year, I reflected on my experience. I've loved it - early wake up, no where to rush to, on cruise mode with a beach walk to breathe in the sea air and set the tone for day one. 

I loved the transition from NYE to NY this year. For starters I treated myself to taking NYE off which isn't significant if you're holidaying anyway, however for those who choose to work, I put it up there with treating yourself to taking your birthday off...note to self to do this every year. That's 2 days off I can forward plan for right now!

I dedicated the day to ONLY doing the things I LOVE. 

The alarm went off - I'm doing the last hot yoga class for the year at 5.30 am - a full ninety minutes. This practice has become a special friend - the one who would whisper in my ear when I'm veering off track. This class was a tad challenging because for some reason I decided to enroll the support of a glass or two of wine the night before. I was about to start a four day weekend and needed company while I followed the instruction to assemble a book shelf delivered earlier that day. With Dad landing in hospital unexpectedly, I decided I was doing this class for him, note to self...do not drink alcohol the night before this class and consider going without, just because.

After a cleansing shower, let's hit the green.

After many years of golf lessons with the occasional game, I've starting playing golf weekly with a great group, so with that comes the desire to be better... OK more like 'much better'.  Today I was introducing a playing buddy to my fave golf pro Nancy H and while she worked her magic I hit a bucket of balls in record time. My next lesson before my lesson even started was this - 'I've seen Annika S take up to one hour to hit that many balls so slow down and correct before you hit the next ball'. I vowed to take my time in future when approaching the ball or anything for that matter, thanks Nancy!

Refuel, renew, re-energise to reset the goal.  

By now I'm starving, with coffee and sandwich I enjoy a short break to catch my breath before I race to a health appointment. Yes I love to be at the top of my vitality game and it's a constant work in progress I admit, yes I'm human and have been known to stray. This is a check in and I emerge learning more great information on how I can be at my peak, continue to reduce my age even further, that's my bio age. I love this stuff and in my opinion it's worth doing. It's a simple test to gauge the gap between our birth date age and what our body says about us. Reversing this is the way to go and at the moment it seems, I've got an eight year advantage and I have a new goal to get to ten or more.

Tie a bow on it.

I popped into my fave foodies to buy the goodies to prepare dinner for my sister and the rest is history. We kick back to watching the fireworks up the coast with quality time together.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best year in the year.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Best Year Yet is a continuation of the preparation done leading up to this point, making me think and to be intentional about what I really want to do and be in the coming year. As I write this I get a few more distinctions about that day, it makes me chuckle just a bit.

I found these nine points helpful as a check in to who I'm being, you might too.

  1. Review my accomplishments to override any short comings...celebrate ALL wins. 
  2. Slow down and reflect...yep that's what my golf pro said.
  3. Focus rather than reacting to what lands in my path...pause and breathe, then decide.
  4. Live a more intentional life, way beyond a to-do list...plan for my NYE style day off everyday - love what I do making space for the joy in the simple things.
  5. Be willing to take a stand for what I want, to own it and to tell the truth about it...no shrinking only expanding.
  6. Have a daily reminder of my big goals...this is why I'm doing this or change the goal.
  7. Bring last year's lessons into action this year to direct my energy to what's most important to me...remembering a great outcome, I'll have more of that.
  8. Trust that if I follow my plan, 2016 will be amazing...and it will be, taking shape already.
  9. Life goes so fast, every year a little faster than the last. My plan helps me to stay the course with what matters and time slows down and is my friend. Time goes fast when it it's taken up with the small stuff. It's finding the balance. 

I'm dedicating 2016 to creating my 'best year yet', going for it regardless, nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm dedicated to carving my path and clearing the jungle if necessary, to be more on point more often.

If you're not quite there to be declaring you 'best year yet' then borrow it until you get it under your skin because from my experience the belief and the desire can only grow. 

Imagine a world where everyone was aiming for their 'best year yet'. I appreciate it that you're reading my words while I share my life experiences and you're so welcome to share 'My Journal' with your friends.

Finally if you're determined to make the changes to be the best version of you and searching for the tools then take the action today.

I wish for you that this is your best year yet, filling your heart and your pocket.
— me