Be Your Own Visionary

Just three weeks into a new year, some of you would agree it can be easy to loose sight of the bigger picture, staying in touch with the vision we have for ourselves.



Life has a habit of getting in the way – we begin to stray just a little from what we set for ourselves, even though we have the best of intentions to allow this newness in to our space. 

You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are.
— Amy Phoeler

With a clear vision for ourselves out into the bright future, let's transport that vision from the mind to something more tangible. What if we were to give it life through a picture, a collection, a list, or through creating a vision board?

Many of us are visual and a very cool starting point is to create a vision board to capture what it is we desire. A vision board is simply a piece we create to look at and to be inspired by, to connect with each day and to update as our taste and desire changes. The vision board can include our dream home and locations, cars, health and fitness, holiday destinations, a partner, friends, travel and your style ~ everything that's meaningful to you. 

Vision boards have been used by super successful people for generations – simple to create and effective.  

The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper and re-imagines the world.
— Malcolm Gladwell


  1. If you haven’t already, get moving and set your goals now. As human beings, we require goals to manifest, to make them into a reality. Setting our intentions and we’re halfway there and on the path to creation.
  2. Pick up a piece of project cardboard, a white board, check out Kikki K vision boards or a cork board, your fridge, anything you can use to place imagery on. And place it somewhere you regularly see it. Have glue, pins, magnets or blu tack, whatever is relevant to fix your images to your chosen board.
  3. Allocate time that you can get it done in one go while listening to your favourite tunes.
  4. Have a collection of magazines or anything relevant to your dreams and goals that you can cut and paste, scan and print to gather your resources together
  5. Select pictures and quotes that you love, to trigger the emotions of passion, excitement, happiness, reflecting the things you want in your life or wanting to become. Our subconscious minds love imagery as we tend to remember visuals easier than text. Forget perfect, just cut & paste whilst inspiration flows, there is no right-way, simply go where your energy flows.
  6. Consider where you're going to see this piece every day as you'll be wanting to look at your masterpiece as often as possible. If you love Pinterest - then create an on-line board or make a slide to be your computer’s wallpaper. Check out the 'Transition Point – Living an Inspired Life' Pinterest vision boards.
Our subconscious minds love imagery as we tend to remember visuals easier than text.
From luxury living, travel, interior design, health and fine food – 30 boards of visual inspiration to get you started.

From luxury living, travel, interior design, health and fine food – 30 boards of visual inspiration to get you started.

The law of attraction & goal setting.

We soon realise we’re onto a pretty amazing thing and magnifying our dreams with visual help can only help manifest these goals, to keep our intention in the forefront of our minds.

My vision board acts as a constant reminder to me & my on-board computer (that's my mind). That unique piece of hardware called the brain hosts our dreams, goals and aspirations, all the big and important business. 

Remember our vision boards require an update from time to time with new visual imagery, sparking new pathways to stimulate the eye and the mind.


My personal experience - best year yet! 

I created my vision board last year to begin to carve out the lifestyle I want for myself.  A major goal then was to achieve the health and fitness goals I have dreamed of before and never quite getting there. These carry over into the first half of 2016 with me re-setting the intention and now doing the work.


What's changed?

My thoughts about why I'm doing what I'm doing with an understanding of what's going on when I'm tempted to stray. After all I'm human like you. I have access to amazing resources and a group of like minded people. You too can have this - ask me how.