What someone actually does means more than what they say they will do – their actions speak louder than their words.



How often have you said you were going to do something and never followed through?
Yes I'll be the first to put my hand up on that one. And who are you more likely to say I'm doing this to and then not do it?

As I am writing this I know more often than not, it's me - I don't always follow through on what I decided was important to me.

Action is typically to achieve an aim through the process of doing something.

An ant on the move does more than a roving ox.
— Lao Tzu


Three weeks back we kicked off with the concept of introducing 4 Powerful Tips to move you closer to your goals.

SET POWERFUL GOALS - the beacons that light the way.

ATTRACTION - become the magnet for success.

MOTIVATION - to access that feeling of having wind beneath our wings.


ACTION - there is no magic without motion

  1. One action each day
    Commit, regardless of the size, as every step adds to create something bigger, the power of one that's seven steps forward in a week, thirty steps across a month.
  2. Chunk it down
    Take your big, hairy audacious goal and break into bite sized pieces. This gives you a sense of progress towards achievement – towards the big goal even if it's way off into the future.
  3. Decide what comes first
    What is that one thing you could be doing to make the most difference to being ''on track'' towards your goal?
  4. Brainstorm with no filters
    I call this unedited thinking. Dump all your ideas onto a big sheet of paper. Include all the steps required to achieve the goal, to the resources you require to contribute to your goal. Then create the list.
  5. Order and sequence your actions
    Start with the end in mind and write the goal as if it's achieved, complete with the celebration date. Now work the actions backwards to where you are today. 

    MY HOT TIP: I love doing this on a series of sticky notes - one step per note then I can easily move about to get the sequence in order and there you have it.
  6. Measure your progress
    Create a system to keep track of what's important to you, for example financials, sales, leads, referrals, whatever is relevant. Then keep it simple with three key stats per goal.
The real secret of magic lies in the performance.
— David Copperfield

So let's say you like the sound of this, you're interested, you have goals that you want to achieve and you really want to get started now.


Next week tune into a bonus week to compliment these 4 Powerful Tips.

Till then, one action a day... I'm in how about you?