How can you access motivation day in & day out to feel like you have the wind beneath your wings?



Have you ever been around someone you thought was super charged with motivation, and then questioned yourself on 'why aren't I as motivated'?

My friend google says it's the state or condition of being motivated – having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.

Motivation is really the starting point followed closely by asking what is it that I'm going after.
The big career, the ideal partner, the idyllic location to build your dream home, or to be in your best shape yet? From my experience, motivation is fueled when I have big, hairy, audacious goals ~ thanks to Jim Collins ~ to inspire me on why and what keeps me focused .

Why in itself, is the motivator. Why am I doing this? 
Here's my story ~ At the start of this year I decided this year was to be my best year yet.

At the start of this year I checked in with me. What was the one thing I would do to set the tone for the year and to get serious about.  Health and fitness came up and so I embarked on a training routine cocooned by an eating plan with an expert to show up to, not for. Ten weeks in, I'm excited about my progress, staying the course. I know when I'm physically strong its easier for me to be on purpose with what I'm doing in many aspects of my life.

You either run the day or the day runs you.
— Jim Rohn


Two weeks back we kicked off with the concept of introducing 4 Powerful Tips to move you closer to your goals.

SET POWERFUL GOALS – the beacons that light the way.

ATTRACTION – become the magnet for success.


Motivation ~ to access that feeling of having wind beneath our wings.

  1. Get support
    Find someone who has already achieved your goal or something similar.  They may be willing to be your mentor.
  2. Form a 'goals group
    Together each achieves more ~ find a group of people who are on a similar path to you, meet regularly to help each other stay on track. 
  3. Laminate your written goals
    To kick the day off with your best foot forward, hang these waterproof goals in the shower. Each morning check them over, if you're a shower singer then get musical. This is a powerful step to get you in the groove early and quickly each morning.
  4. Cue Cards
    Depending on the length of your goal list, you could create cards to have in many places ~ your wallet, your car, your diary, your desk. Your eye is attracted to these and without any effort the goal is top of mind.
  5. Visualisation
    Invest a few minutes a day visualising your goals, closed eye or open eye meditation. Walking is an open eye meditation for me. Or when you open your eyes first thing, before you reach for your phone or utter a word. Introduce the sight, smell, sounds and the feeling associated with, to enhance and engage your physiology to change.
  6. Stay in motion no matter what
    Even on the days when we just don't feel like it, do it anyway. Having a plan is important, placing one foot in front of the other to contribute to the momentum required to get the results.
You can’t change people, all you can do is give them a tool, the use of which will change them.
— Buckminster Fuller


Then next week tune in for the final in the series of 4 Powerful Tips to be in action.

Till then, make it a great week, your best year yet.