I'm curious, what does celebration mean to you? What is it you choose to celebrate? And what size does the win have to be for you to acknowledge the win as worthwhile?






When I work with teams I love to begin our time together with each person sharing a win for the week. In the beginning some struggle with the concept. 

Why would we struggle to call out what we're excited about making progress on?

It could be as simple as we moving quickly and we hadn't recognised a shift forward, or we're conditioned to pay attention to the big stuff, or we're self conscious about seeming like we're bragging. Can you relate?

We leading busy lives today with a list of what we want to be doing. It can feel like there is so little time to accomplish what's important - our goals, and so it is we just keep pressing forward.

The flip-side is when we neglect to pause to acknowledge and celebrate the good things happening, we run the risk of burn out, feeling overwhelmed.

Celebrating ‘wins’ is a powerful practice to commit to.
— Ann-Maree

Like breathing, brushing your teeth and feeding our body with good food, acknowledging wins and expressing a little gratitude daily, feeds the heart and the mind.

If you're working with a team, adopting the practice to acknowledge each others wins is like a baton pass in a relay race between team members. It contributes to raise the level of energy to continue to make progress towards completing the goal with the sense of achievement dynamic!

Celebrate your wins, big or small, every day, no matter what
— Life Success Code


Four weeks back we kicked off with the concept of introducing 4 Powerful Tips to move you closer to your goals and we've come this far.

SET POWERFUL GOALS - the beacons that light the way.

ATTRACTION - become the magnet for success.

MOTIVATION - to access that feeling of having wind beneath our wings

BE IN ACTION - there is no magic without motion


CELEBRATION - an acknowledgment that rewards and feeds your spirit

  1. Continually celebrate your little wins.
    Reward yourself each time you complete a project or overcome a challenge that brings you closer to your goal.
  2. Celebrate achieving the goal ''BIG TIME"
    Acknowledging and enjoying your success will make your future goals easier to set and achieve.
  3. Avoid the trap of moving past a win without celebrating.
    Your recognition and celebration of your achievements are the foundations on which you build your future success on.
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
— Helen Kellar

Be the change you want to see in others through leading the way with your own demonstration. Like you I've worked alongside thousands of people, directly or indirectly, and there have been times when I've been the only person willing to continue with practices like these. To hell with being self conscious, it's not about me,  it's giving others the space to be who they are.

If you're looking for the people, the tools and the space to be the best version of you and those around you, then you're in the right place.

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Till we speak or next weeks journal update ....Happy Easter !