A lot happens over a period of time and the slightest bit of progress can steal past us like a stranger and we don't recognise it.


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I've realised over these past six weeks while I've been writing a series of journals linking from one week to the next, that progress is all around. However it's easy to get mechanical, all up in our heads, disconnected from our heart and the intention we set out to achieve.

Writing was something I've had as a 'pipe dream' then I caught myself declaring to others, 'I'd love to write a book one day'. 

Where did that come from? Pure thought that's where.

At the start of 2015, I made the commitment to write weekly for 'My Journal' just because it felt like it was the right time for me to do so. And I needed to get a little practice for the book. Progress has been made through keeping myself in check, and this week I'll share these tips with you.

If you get a chance take it, if it changes your life let it.
— me

I'm gaining plenty from the topics I'm writing about to share with you and this week is the final in the series of six.

The focus is on what to do when we hit an obstacle, albeit physical or emotional, stopping us in our tracks, becoming disheartened, losing sight of the bigger picture.

Instead let's have a plan to troubleshoot, freeing up the jam to make smarter decisions.


Five weeks back we kicked off with the concept of introducing 4 Powerful Tips to move you closer to your goals and we've come this far.

SET POWERFUL GOALS - the beacons that light the way.

ATTRACTION - become the magnet for success.

MOTIVATION - to access that feeling of having wind beneath our wings.

BE IN ACTION - there is no magic without motion.

CELEBRATION - an acknowledgment that rewards and feeds your spirit.


TROUBLESHOOTING - freeing up the blockages

  1. List everything you've achieved so far on a particular goal.
    Even if you're nowhere near achieving the goal itself, what are the wins you can celebrate so far? What did you learn to make your stronger for the experience?
  2. Check in with yourself on the relevance of the goal.
    Is this goal still something you want to pursue? Or are you hanging on a 'should' or because I said I would.
  3. Is this goal in harmony with all of the other goals you've set.
    Or is it the elephant in the room, in conflict or counter productive to other goals?
  4. Was the goal set unrealistic?
    When the leaps to the goal are too big, consider chunking it down into 'bite size' pieces.
    'How do you eat an elephant – one piece at a time dipped in chocolate.'
  5. Prioritise your goals.
    Working on too many goals at the one time can paralyse you, resulting on little to no progress. Consider putting the least important goal on hold if necessary to make way for the most important.
  6. Rethink your time frames.
    Moving the deadline gives you the space to think and act clearly.
  7. Let go of the need to achieve the goal for one month.
    Yes you heard that, release the struggle and enjoy life as it is to gain a fresh perspective.
  8. Be on the look out for stoppers. 
    Anyone in your life who is standing in your way of reaching for your goal.
  9. Stop beating yourself up.
    Put the stick down, you know the one in your head, listen instead for the feedback and learn from it.
  10. Stay in motion.
    Momentum feeds off action. Even a mini action keeps you in motion. if you're staying the course, then say 'enough' to the stop - start cycle.
  11. Quit asking yourself WHY or HOW did I create this thing that's in my way.
    Unless you know the answer you'll drive yourself crazy, stalling any progress. Instead procrastinate on it and focus on 'What do I want now and how can I have it?'
Change is inevitable, progress is optional.
— Tony Robbins


I've loved this series that I've just shared with you on my experience while I wrote, you may just find a gem or two in and amongst the six journals for yourself and possibly someone you know, so share generously.

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