It's Sunday and I've got that feeling like I'm a little behind on my schedule. You see I made a commitment to post my journal each week around Friday, and I'm now at + 2 days.

It's not that I hadn't done the work, rather I started while I was finishing the previous journal and it needed refining and my focus.

This kick-off week, first week of the new year was super busy as I added in the new 2016 commitments I made to myself. Then worked in the unexpected happenings and before you know it, it's the last day or the week or the first day of a new week for others. How about you...are you having a similar experience? Or maybe you are still in holiday mode, enjoy!

New year new life! Decide today who you will become, what you will give, how you will live.
— Tony Robbins

It's timely for me to be completing this weeks journal as I have been known to place a few expectations on myself. Ten days into a new year and I'm excited and I'm staying the course on this.

Last year I borrowed the belief that it was going to be my best year yet and stuck with that through thick and thin. By the time the year hit the half way mark I was definitely starting to feel it and this year I'm feeling it in to the core of my being.

I've seen, heard and read on the topic of my 'best year yet'. 

So how do we set ourselves up for this to become unstuck in one year with a year of 365 opportunities. Start by looking past the new year resolutions, and instead toward what the focus is for 2016. If you're not sure yet, you may consider these suggestions to get you started. I love growing and expanding to be the best version of me. Begin with you as the first priority to show up as your personal best in business, your relationships, and for others.  

Here are 4 ways to expand 'YOU'. 

1. Become a practitioner in something.

Whether you do it for your business or just for yourself as a hobby, practice something on a deeper level. What is it you've been putting off diving into, to increase the knowledge on something you're wildly passionate about? Become the practitioner, forget judgement of you and what others are saying or doing about you doing this. Just do it.

2. Audit your p.m. hours.

Bring happiness and joy to your life, whether it’s financial or creative and maximise your time between when the traditional work day ends and when you fall asleep. It's the white space to do great thing to work towards your goals. Whether that’s advancing your career, building your part time business, writing the weekly journal – commit to using that time more wisely in 2016. What can I achieve tonight?

3. Practice self-awareness.

I’ve been on this kick throughout life and most recently become the avid observer of me and the conversations I'm having. I believe self-awareness is the greatest gift a person can have and I'm committed to tackling self awareness and being mindful. Consider making this one of your 2016 priorities. My experience is that it allows me to grow happier, leading to becoming more successful. Give it a go, nothing to lose, plenty to gain.

4. Eliminate complaining.

Looking at the negative, seeing the glass as half empty and complaining is the worst behaviour anyone can engage in. When I catch myself doing this, it's not a proud moment and hearing others whinge makes my stomach churn. I highly recommend, kicking the habit, cut your complaining and whingeing in half. You will get to a point where your awareness kicks in, no longer doing this without thinking. Make complaining a no go zone in your life.

5. Change your mindset to change your life.

So often I hear people comment that nothing is changing or changing fast enough. Help change come about through taking a stand on any limited thinking through adjusting standards or habits that may no longer be supporting the goals we set for ourselves. Then seek out relationships and opportunities that provoke you to create the results you're after.

"Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune." – Jim Rohn

Now check in on how you're doing with these 7 questions, rating yourself 1 to 10 on each and jotting down what's coming up for you.  (1 for rock bottom to 10 - I'm loving my life)

1. How's my life working out? What about my daily attitude?

3. How are my relationships with my family, friends, co-workers, coaches and mentors?

4. How’s my overall health, confidence and self esteem? 

5. How effectively am I feeding my mind? What have I read or studied this past year?

6. Where is my income in comparison to where I want it to be?

7. How satisfied am I with how my goals have manifested in my life?

NOW Make New Choices

If you've read any of my journals, I recommend listening to positive media, podcasts, and switching off the news to switch on the mind food. I love doing hot yoga - an open eye mediation and so good for my mind, body and soul. Find what your thing is to help you to become more, to expand rather than shrink. Cut off the empty pursuit of anything standing in the way of your success - both professionally and personally. 

If you're feeling like you're playing catch up then just put one foot in front of the other. Just like me delivering today, a little later than usual but I did it anyway!

The magic resides in each one of us to make the changes, and more often we require the tools and the people to support us to do this. If that's what you're looking for then make the decision to take action today. Or go to transition point - (my website) for a more in-depth insight and to learn more.